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Check out hundreds of @rushionMcDonald interviews with the most influential Celebrities, CEOs, Entrepreneurs, and Industry Decision Makers on at https://www.youtube.com/moneymakingconversations. #LeadWithYourGifts

So much fun with Singer, Activist and co-star of @OWNTV's hit series ‘@GreenleafOWN,’ @DeborahJWinans. Hear about her new song "I Won't Stop Breathing" and much more by clicking https://bit.ly/DeborahJoyWinansMMC. #DeborahJoyWinans #Greenleaf #OWNTV

This week’s @cafemocharadio SWAG Award goes to award-winning producer and writer @The_A_Prentice. He has dedicated his creative efforts towards telling stories that offer fresh perspectives and explore beyond the beaten path to challenge us. #Mochacares #PrenticePenny #SWAGaward

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