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On this episode of Money Making Conversations we have star of Power Book IV: Force, Anthony Flemming III. We also have Financial Advisor Sonia Balfour-Fears sharing investing & stock tips!

Topics Covered on this episode.

  • Black culture in Chicago
  • Introduction to JP Gibbs (Played by Anthony Flemmings
  • Importance of Family in the Powerbook Universe
  • How can you close the Black wealth gap?
  • If I Only Have a Small Amount of Money To Invest, Is It Worth It?
  • Where Should I Invest If I’m Brand-New to Investing?
  • Importance of Wills
  • Understanding your risk tolerance.


More on Anthony Flemmings III

Anthony Fleming is an American actor who is known for his role as Trumpets on Fox’s television series Prison Break. He also appeared in the film Divergent and in an episode of Chicago Fire. Fleming is active in the Chicago theater scene and has appeared in the play Denmark at the Biograph Theater in Chicago.

More on Sonia Balfour-Fears

Sonia Balfour-Fears is a Financial Advisor and Global Sports & Entertainment Director with Morgan Stanley. She began working in the financial services industry in 2000. She then joined Bank of America/Merrill Lynch in 2006. During her time with Merrill Lynch, she founded the Fears Group, which was Merrill’s first African American mother-daughter wealth management team. She has since transitioned to Morgan Stanley where she is one of fewer than 2% of Morgan Stanley’s Financial Advisors to have obtained the Global Sports & Entertainment Director designation as of January 2022.