Slutty Vegan Owner Pinky Cole

Slutty Vegan owner & founder, Pinky Cole drops by Money Making Conversations Master Class to discuss the location of the upcoming Slutty Vegan locations, the amazing gift she gave to Clark Atlanta graduating class, and reveals details on her new deal with Steve Madden.

More on Slutty Vegan & Bar Vegan

Slutty Vegan a nationally acclaimed, Atlanta-based burger joint offering creative takes on plant-based burgers.

Bar Vegan – We’re not your typical Atlanta restaurant. Experience vegan reimagined at Bar Vegan. Every dish at Bar Vegan delivers a 100% fully vegan cuisine while keeping the authentic flavors of each recipe.

More on Pinky Cole

A trifecta of community, commerce and compassion, Pinky Cole is a serial entrepreneur, brand strategist and founder & Visionary of Bar Vegan, Slutty Vegan ATL ² a nationally acclaimed, Atlanta-based burger joint offering creative takes on plant-based burgers With racy names like Sloppy Toppy, Fussy Hussy and One Night Stand ² and The Pinky Cole Foundation. Born and raised in East Baltimore, Cole started her entrepreneurial journey early through creating business plans and side-hustles With friends and family members during high school. She moved to Atlanta to attend Clark Atlanta University, and While she quickly became enamored With the city, she decided to pursue acting in Los Angeles upon graduation and later Went on to become a successful television producer in New York City and Connecticut.

She eventually made her first foray into the culinary World With her popular restaurant, Pinky’s Jamaican and American Restaurant in New York, Which tragically burned down. Soon after, Pinky relocated to Atlanta Where she came up With the idea for Slutty Vegan during a late-night craving for mouthwatering Vegan fast food. From there, she started cooking Vegan burgers in a shared kitchen in August 2018, and the Slutty Vegan empire Was born.