How do you connect to potential Angel investors for commercial property that’s needed to have a successful business? – Marquetta


The business plan is the key, because nobody invests money on hope!

I am looking to leave my corporate 9-5 and let my passion provide my income. The thing I feel I lack most is a business mentor that I can build long term relationship with.

I have both a for profit and non profit endeavor and want to know how to find a good business mentor who will share principles, support you, and push you when needed, not just steal ideas. It would be nice if they were truly looking to mentor not for money but for the purpose of giving back and pulling up a fellow entrepreneur. – Ayana


I see a lot of requests for business mentors in my Money Making Conversations sessions. I feel that business mentors are a recipe for disaster, because you need to gain experience in the field that you are launching your business.

Instead of seeking a mentor, why don’t you volunteer your services in a part time capacity to learn the business? A mentor really does not have the time to help you run your business.

What are some other places to get a business plan written or help besides a Bank? – Rosalind


Please visit the Small Business Administration site. It is designed to help young business owners.

I am having a problem with cost. What does it cost to bake my product? I know you need to know how much each product you put in ingredients cost, time etc., but determining that is where I’m getting stuck.

How would I determine the time, when I bake several products? Should it be overall, and how much should I want to pay myself? – Elizabeth


You need a business template. This link should provide you with all the information that you are asking!

I am retiring from teaching this year. I plan to run my nonprofit, Essence of a Lady, Inc full-time after running it part-time for 26 years. Also, I want to use my expertise as an educational trainer to help school train teachers to be effective.

How do you suggest I start preparing to train teachers and run the nonprofit? Should I just focus on one-at-a-time? I know I will have to supplement my retirement. – JoAnn


You finally have time to run your nonprofit, now you want to train teachers. Please focus on your nonprofit and build your brand. Then start extending part time efforts to train teachers.

I have a great invention that I know will sell on the market. How do I get started with no money? How do I camp the idea? – Shawana


Get some partners to invest via sweat equity. In other words they help you build your invention and they get a percentage piece of the brand!

Your outfit combo is fantastic! You always look great, just like Uncle Steve! – Noel


It is very important that I don’t dress like Steve, because we are seen together a lot in public. So he and I have different suit tailors.

I’m writing my own book. How do I self publish and later if I decide to get a publisher how I make sure I’m getting a fair contract? – Tameka


Please review this link for some tips on how to self publish.

Any suggestions on the best way to present a film property to prospective distributors to garner interest prior to completing production?

I shot a concept trailer in Houston, TX this summer and I’m in the process of assimilating the remainder of my cast and complete filming and premiere at ABFF in June 16. – H-Town TheMovie

H-Town TheMovie,

I am hosting an Entertainment Empowerment Tour in Houston this weekend at the University of Houston to answer these types of questions. Get your tickets here!