What do you think about vendors events, where you sell your edible products and have you ever sold your baked goods at any vendors events and baked sales? Would you advise putting a product in someone else’s business? – Rosalind


Vendor events are fantastic! You need to get events in place so you can see how people are reacting to your products and your packaging. This will help you with your business model. Also, you can let other business locations sell your food, but make sure you stay in control of the quality control. Don’t let your product sit there for days!

I want to start my own business. How do I go about funding without someone trying to rip me off or take a large percentage of my business? – Andrea


Have you created a business plan for you business? This is the first step in seeking successful funding.

I have written a book titled “The Village” to help educate society about epilepsy. There are over 460,000 students returning to school this year in the United States who have epilepsy and parents love my book.

Who can I reach to help show the need for epilepsy education in the schools. Is there any organization I can try to reach to help accomplish this goal? – Lowell 


Have you contacted this website. I feel this will be really helpful.

My daughter is in her first year of college at The Ohio State University and I need advice on how to research scholarships and grants. She’s is my first to go to college and the money isn’t there.

It is overwhelming being a single mom trying to make her daughters dream true. I pray about it. Her tuition bill is coming up and I need advice. I used what I could of my retirement funds but that wasn’t enough. Sorry but I felt like this was a personal goal for me. – Chaffaye


No problem! Please contact Theresa Price, Founder/Executive Director of the National College Resources Foundation. We have a great relationship. Here is her number: (909) 396-0151.

How effective is a Social Media platform in securing opportunities? And do people search the social media space for talent? – Pamela


Social Media is the key to how we are communicating moving forward. You can build your brand about who you on your facebook page. The goal is that you can reach companies via social media. Every major company has social media pages and Facebook is the number #1 social media page for companies. So you need to build your brand on your Facebook and use your friends and followers to promote your brand.

Can you copy write recipes? – Bertha


Yes you can! Now, if it is a family recipe, you should not expose it to anyone or the public. Because even if it protected it would be hard to prove that it is stolen. It is like McDonald’s secret sauce. You know the content, but you don’t know the recipe. Even on cooking shows, they will show you the content, but not the amount.

What is the best way to promote a book? My parents, Jim and Teresa Adams wrote a book called “Preparing for Marriage: What To Do Before and After You Say I Do”. We are ranked on Amazon and had 15k downloads the first day, but want to take it to the next level. – Madison


That is fantastic! You should be doing live Periscope sessions to build the brand of the book and also, you should set up weekly live chats to create forums that will potentially buy the book. Additionally, you can use your church to announce your book.

I am trying to lose weight. I used to be a power lifter and had to have open heart surgery and after my surgery had some other health issues but not been able to go to a gym. Can you help me? – Corey


This lady lost weight and didn’t need a gym!

My name is Dr. George James. I’m a licensed couple and family therapist. I’ve had a lot of experience sharing relationship and mental health advice on radio and tv. How do I increase my opportunities to reach a larger audience, national radio and TV? What can I do to increase my brand and network? Some have said that there is not a lot of money in being a relationship & mental health expert.

I’ve been using social media but honestly not enough. I promote the things that I’m doing as they come. So for instance, my recent Ebony article just came out and I plan to tweet about it and post on FB. I also retweet some things, but I don’t think I’m getting the most out of social media. This past weekend went well because I made some good connections. I think it’s building but have to learn how to use it more effectively.


There is revenue in anything that you do, it’s just based on your value. You don’t get the most out of social media, because you do not maintain a consistent presence. My Money Making Conversations format would not be relevant if I did not consistently host it every Monday at Noon ET. Now you have to start doing the same thing. You have to make your career important to you by branding it consistently on social media!

Where do you suggest young entrepreneurs invest first? Paying off debt, back into the business or cash reserves? – Kiarra


If you have any debt you should clear that up right away. Do not move forward with a business if you have a debt that can kill your business opportunity.

Can you suggest ways to gather online feedback from potential customers? I’m specifically looking for creative ways (and tools) to engage/inspire folks to respond. I’m thinking about a survey with one three-part question. I will provide drop down lists of answer selections as opposed to open-ended responses. Currently I have a small amount of traffic to my business’s webpage in addition to Facebook Friends and a few followers on my business’s social media pages; how do I reach more people? – Charlene


Constant Contact also has a way that you can email out a survey; you will have to buy their Email Plus plan. You can also use Survey Monkey.