I own a real estate consulting company. I’ve been approached several times by either real estate educators/brokers in the industry wanting to go into business with me as a “partnership.” What I offer is very specialized in our industry and is required by law for compliance.

Is it a good idea to bring someone in as a partner to help with marketing and advertising? Marketing is not my skill set and you need “money” to market your business and services you offer. I’m a small business owner generating revenue and leveraging my resources is an area that I’m currently working on. I’ve been told eventually I can turn my business into a IPO. – Janet


You have answered your own question. Yes you need someone to market your business. But put a timeline and tie their participation to sweat equity. They have to stay committed to your business for several years before their percentage kicks in. If they depart early, the percentage is voided!

How do you fund your dream when you’re vision is bigger than your wallet? I don’t want to continue to work full time for somebody else. I know that success is not a part time job. Any advice?

I’m a screenwriter. I have several scripts that I’ve been pitching to literary agents in LA but I live in Atlanta. I’ve spent alot of time going back and forth to LA. I think I should take that leap of faith and relocate. I guess it’s the comfort of having a full time job here… – Bridgett


Yes, you should move for your dream! I was born in Houston, then moved to NYC. Then moved from NYC to LA. I convinced Nephew Tommy and Junior to move for their dreams. Put a plan in place and move for your dream.

Last week we were speaking on the Q&A session and you asked what materials did I need to get rolling again. A brief reminder of what I do: I make gourmet burgers, they’re available in Beef, Turkey, chicken, and Seafood. I was doing corporate events such as Sam’s Club, Wal-Mart, BMW, Kia Motors to name a few. I ran into some issues in my personal life that put a hold on the vision.

I’m trying to get back to that point but finding the capital to do so has been hard. I’m missing out on so much money at the moment because I’m constantly getting request and phone calls for me to be at events. What’s your advice for me sir? –  Jamaal


Can’t you start with a small grill? That is how my young nephew started his road side business.

I am now a student persuing a bachelor’s degree in business administration. I am here in Africa. I get my fees through GoFundMe. How can I attract more people to donate to my schooling so that I can meet the deadline by this year? –  Kaba


You get support based on the description of your story and your goals. You should post weekly your academic journey on your social media handles and include your GoFundMe link.

When partnering with someone who brings great value to the table, but has other business partners that he wants to bring aboard who bring no heavy weight to your business, should you allow the business partnerships and business venture to proceed? – Mae


Do not bring a headache into the mix. You can be frustrated by yourself!

Over the years I’ve had so many interests and I have a lot of talents. It’s been hard to focus on one thing when it seems all these other things pull my focus. The end result is nothing gets done. Any thoughts on honing my focus on one thing at a time? – Demetria


Your problem is discipline. I am also skilled in a lot of areas. I had success, but it was never satisfying until I was focused. I suggest you focus on one thing at a time with a time table attached to each.

How do you position yourself for your target audience to find you? Mine is women aged 18-45 looking for total restoration from childhood pain, bad relationships, abuse. My mission is to restore women to wholeness, empowering them to live an abundant life. My tag line is “Helping Real Women with Real Issues Find Real Solutions!” – Shamieka


You are entering a very crowded field. You should start at local churches and woman abuse centers. Especially abuse centers where they need the most help. Second, build a support chat room on social media. Third, be consistent and focused!

I wrote a book from a story that my granddaddy told my father and my father told it to me. I have just about finished when I allowed my college professor to take a look at what I had written so far. Now my professor wants me to show his “literacy agent” friend my story so I need to know how to protect my work. Any suggestions? – Lynn


You should copyright your work. Do not let anyone see it until that happens. You can also register it at the WGA, but copyrighting is the ultimate protection.

How do I get my articles published in major magazines for recognition? – Kwabena


You may need to hire a publicist. Also, you will need to blog.

When making a career transition, what’s the most pressing issue that a person needs to concern themselves with? – Cicone


Are you mentally prepared for it not going in the manner you hope it would happen? When making the transitions only communicate with positive people. Also, prepare at least one year in advance, so you have thought out and planned the process.