I am currently renting an apartment. I am trying to get a business license and they require a zoning permit application with my apartment manager’s signature, giving permission for me to have an in-home business. I do not take clients at home. The apartment management refuse to sign. Other than moving, is there any recourse I can take? Thank you. -Cheryl


It seems that the business license is tied to your residence. Please consider renting a UPS mailbox and use that address for your business address. Then you should not have to worry about a zoning permit application. A lot of companies lists these locations as their business address, so it’s normal practice.

Good morning Mr. McDonald,

Thank you for the information that you have shared with me to successfully advertise my business. I’m finding that people are visiting my website but I have not received any contacts for new business. Is it my presentation of the site? Maybe I am not clear [on the site]…I am trying to find out what’s missing. Would you be willing to take a look and share your thoughts once again?
-Xenia from Castro Valley, CA


Your homepage is not high quality. The logo to the right looks blurry. I clicked through your menu and the pages look good, but the homepage needs to be stepped up graphically. Remember that is the first impression page. You have to put the most work on that page to impress them.

I am wanting to start an online magazine. I know the basics to get started but not sure how to get exposure and connections to build a platform and following of the magazine when funds are limited. What would be steps to take? I have done a blog before so I have experience in that aspect so I wanted to expand. -Teresa


you need to start with a blog first before you try to build an online magazine. There are too many moving parts in an online magazine. Once you build your brand through a blog then you can build your online magazine. I understand that you want to upgrade, but you need to development your brand and create a media following before you spend time developing a new format.


I am considering starting a cleaning business, but I am not sure of what licenses or certifications that I should have to start. -Akia from Hamilton, NJ


Every city has a small business administration office. The office services are free and it will provide you with information to build you business plan. Go to this website and it help you locate the SBA in your area.

I’m not sure how to seek out business sponsors or even HOW to go about writing a good business plan proposal. Once I start something I put my all in until I see it to the end but I need to know how to do it without always having to fund everything myself. -Trina


This is one of my favorite sites for young entrepreneurs, because you need to educate yourself about small businesses and how to write a business plan.

Good afternoon Mr. McDonald,

I’m a Chicago native and a graduate student for a MBA program with one year under my belt and earning straight A’s I might add. Over the last few weeks I’ve heard leaders in business such as yourself and motivational speaker’s mention finding purpose and being intentional by following your dreams. Focusing on what you enjoy doing naturally and for free has been a constant theme. I have always loved working behind the scenes to coordinate anything from small events, being a project coordinator, and using my creativity to orchestrate and facilitate special occasions. You’re a pretty big deal Mr. McDonald, so it would behoove me to aspire to work with the best. I’m dreaming BIG with a fearless request; how would I apply to be your apprentice? -Erica from Chicago, IL


I am a pretty big deal, but I also travel a lot and that would prevent you from working for me. So let’s get started with how you can gain skills in the production arena. I started out working volunteer security at concerts and that sparked my love for production. You’re in a city with a lot of theater. I would start volunteering for the large production shows and build my resume. Your career will be based on the relationships that you create. So please start volunteering today.

Hello Rushion McDonald,

What is the best way to get producer’s attention to get a chance to pitch my show? Doing the improvements with my website and going live have helped out a lot. I just want that one opportunity to have a meeting to show what I can really do. -Michael from Rocky Mount, NC


Social media growth, video views and website traffic will grab people’s attention. What is your current social media growth and website traffic and video views? That is why I have been encouraging you to broadcast live via Facebook. You need to start engaging people with your live broadcast to create media attention. Tt is not going to happen overnight. You have to discover what people find interesting in your format and start promoting your show towards that direction. Right now you don’t know that and repeated broadcasts will teach you.

Good Afternoon Mr. McDonald,

I want to get your advice/opinion on how to expand my Women’s Relationship Conference and what you think of the site. -Aaron from Murfreesboro, TN

This is a women’s conference but it does not feel like you are promoting it. On your primary page, the word “Women’s” is barely legible and I don’t feel the uplift. You are not listing the benefits of attending this conference. You are talking a game without the substance. “Who is this conference for? Why should I attend? What are the benefits?” These three questions are not being answered and these questions inspire participation.

Good Morning Rushion, What steps did you take getting into college? -Sharon


I did not want to attend college. I thought it was a waste of my time and I actually went to college to party. So it took me seven years to graduate. I got into college because I had outstanding grades, but that did not mean I was a good student. My study habits were horrible and my work ethics were suspect. So, I had to grow up and college allowed me to meet people who became very important cornerstones in my life. I will never regret my college experience and I recommend anyone who has the opportunity to attend, because it will change your life.

Hi Rushion.

It seems that the area/location in which I live is not conducive for a baking business. I live in Amish country and they mostly bake all of their own dishes, and those who are not Amish and don’t bake have long standing connections with those that do. I will continue to offer and showcase my baked goods at request, but can’t make a successful business of it. What I have done is I have had help in creating an online market on Facebook with handwritten calligraphy quotes as well as some of my t-shirts. Do you mind taking a look at my Facebook Online Market page? Please give me your thoughts and feedback….I feel this will be successful because right now there is a high demand for this kind of art. I have observed on eBay, Etsy, Pinterest and retail as well that this is popular at the moment. Also the startup is minimal compared to what is required for me to become established in baking.
-Rachel from Orrville, OH


the area and location is very important for any business. Especially when you are trying to create a daily customer base. Now you are venturing into area that is totally different from baking….I cannot disrespect a person who has done her research. How do you market your business and who do you market it too? These are the next key steps in promotional planning.