Good morning Rushion…

I’ve been wanting to start a restaurant or food truck business. I need a business plan & funding. What are your suggestions? -Lovetta from Houston, TX


Every city has a Small Business Administration office. The services and information that the SBA offers is free. You can use the SBA information to research your restaurant type and create a business plan and operations budget.

So I am a knitter and crocheter and have been told I can do this as a business. How do I start it? -Shmane from Brooklyn, NY


You need to start posting your work on your social media pages. You need to let people know that this is your passion and you want their impact. Let them help you build your brand through social media marketing. Moving forward with this business is your brand, so please remove all personal pictures from your social media.


Is there a correlation between social media followers and sales numbers? If I partnered on a project with a celebrity who has millions of followers would my sales numbers drastically increase? -Heddrick from Queens, NY


it will only work if the followers of that celebrity are interested in your brand. In other words, their brand should be built on people who would consider your books to be an investment in their child or relatives future. It has to be brand synergy.

Hello Rushion McDonald.

Today my question is about relocation. I’ve been considering relocating to either Los Angeles, CA or back to the east coast in NYC – the reason is because I’m thinking about 10 years from now and where would my music career make the most sense. To not only thrive but gather other opportunities that I see myself in like TV, film, etc. My family is on board and they can already see the endless possibilities. As I continue to make my buzz here, what suggestions would you offer in terms of relocating for the best positioning for the future? Hope that makes sense. #AskMMC -Moses from Columbus, OH


You are making the right decision to move. I am originally from Houston. Houston is where my career started. I have lived in the following cities: NY, LA, ATL and Chicago. So staying in one place is not always possible. I had to move each time or my career dreams would have halted. You need competitive options in your life and most importantly your family believes in your career.

I recently entered a pitch contest and have been selected to pitch a reality show to a major cable network. Do you have any general advice (besides practice) and secondly, is it appropriate to make comparisons to shows already on the air but on a different network? -Dale


Please do not compare your show to another show on TV. They will immediately lose respect for your idea and consider your pitch a knockoff. Your show has to have a beginning, middle, and end for each episode.

I am at a stand-still right now. I have a lot of ideas regarding starting a business and self-empowerment programs. I cannot seem to focus and start one business. One issue is finances (I need to get my finances under control). I ave put the idea of starting a business on the sideline so I can find a job to pay off some bills and relocate back home. What advice can you give me? One big issue I have is procrastination and I think that’s due to fear. HELP. -Pandie


Please follow your advice and get organized. I like the fact you know your faults. But they have to be corrected if you want to be successful in the business world. So your procrastination will be fixed when you move and clear up your debt. If you don’t do these things, then you will lose long term and don’t have the discipline for a small business.

I host an online radio show and am looking to become syndicated but I need sponsors. What demographics do companies consider or which are the strongest selling points to procure corporate sponsors? -Lisa


What is your digital reach, social media reach and streaming participation? Then is what sponsors want to know and who are you talking to on your time show.

Are home-based businesses like Mary Kay and Avon good investments? And how do you gain clients, and keep them? -Kim

These types of business formats are based on relationships and the willingness to communicate with strangers. Based on your post, I don’t feel this is the right business for you. Unless you are using the brands and definitely using them to understand how the methodology of the sales and marketing principals work. You will not succeed.

…I am a professional pastry chef but have no access to a professional kitchen. Also I must have liability insurance but have no idea who to contact for this. Can you please give me some pointers sir? Thank you -Karen


I use Truman Van Dyke as my liability insurance company. They research and find the best deal for your company to be protected. They are based in Los Angeles, CA. But can insure around the country.

What is the best plan for college savings? My husband and I currently have an automatic draft amount withdrawn for our kids of 100.00 a month. They are ages 4 and 6. We know we will need to invest more and plan to do so once we finish with childcare next year. Any suggestions for the best college savings?
-Tiffany from Manvel, TX


I honestly feel you should look at Universal or Whole Life Policies. The interest rate is better than banks and I am sure you will save more money and your kids will have a life insurance policy that you can give to them when they get older, plus college funds.