I have two ideas for products I need to create for selling. I’m struggling with creating the prototypes to get started. All I have at this point are drawings. -Kayshayla


why don’t you create some partners through sweat equity. You give them a percentage of your product based on the work that they do. Right now that seems to be the biggest issue with you. Sweat Equity partners do not require that you put money and capital. They just have to deliver you the product while under your supervision.

GM Mr.McDonald,

What book would you suggest when you’re trying to get to that “Jump off point ” Mr. [Steve] Harvey always talks about? What are some of your inspirational reads? -Robtees


Since you are a fan of Steve Harvey, I would recommend his book, Act Like A Success, Think Like A Success. It was #1 on the New York Times Best Seller list. And for me, I read the local newspaper every day, then I go to CNN’s website to stay abreast of the world and national news that may not be covered by the local newspaper. Finally I read USA Today for entertainment or financial information. I feel that to be successful, you have to maintain current information and knowledge. That way you can plan a bright future.

I am the lady that was interested in making toffee. Well, I took your advice and got my neighbor to allow me to make toffee in her kitchen (I have dogs), so here we go! Tax ID and an inspection by the department of agriculture and I’m on my way! Thank you for your advice! -Annamaria from Sunset Beach, NC


Please don’t be an inconvenience to them. Put in time and cleanup your work area, and if you can, throw them a financial bone. I love that you are getting your tax ID. That is the way you are suppose to do it.

Good morning Rushion.

Here is my question: what would you say to someone that is on a particular road to success that hardly anyone else agrees with? For example, Steve [Harvey] and Tyler Perry were both living out of their car until they made it (that’s the short version), amongst having to deal with other things. I am sure their family and friends were trying to convince them to do something else and/or get off the path they were on and do something that’s “more stable.” What pieces of advice would you give to someone that is dealing with a similar situation because they strongly believe in the dreams they are pursuing, especially when it comes to try and share these dreams with family and friends? -Leonard


When I left IBM to pursue my dream as a standup comedian, people were not lined up supporting. They were rather shocked that I was leaving a very successful job. The number one problem that you are having is that you are listening to people that don’t share your dreams or passion. You have to understand that there are no guarantees to success! But you have to know that failure is a real possibility. So, make this decision and plan it at least a year in advance. But make it because this is something that you believe in.

I am a licensed California realtor. I am thinking about making a move to NYC and becoming a realtor there. However, I don’t know anything about NYC real estate. What’s the first thing I need to do in order to be a successful agent in a city where I don’t know anyone? -Joy from Los Angeles, CA


You need to know the city. I have lived in NYC and it is a different place to live and to pursue real estate opportunities. I would apply for a position at one of the many real estate companies in NYC. This will allow you to learn your trade in this new city. You will not be successful, trying to begin a startup in this very competitive market.

Hi Rushion.

I’m looking at starting a movement around plus-sized fitness. I want to help women who are north of a size 20 find their power and look and feel good while doing it. Im working on the concept and business plan. Do you have any advice on when and how to tap into angel investors, or other funding advice? -Angela


I would start the movement today, but broadcast your training on Facebook Live. You need to build a following and create this passion movement today. You have to be consistent and invite people to join you every day. It is too early to look for investors, so you need to establish your brand and your following. I love the idea and I feel that it will work, but you need to get started and get the hype rolling and the rest will fall in place.

Good Morning.

I was just laid off of another job. Their reason is being 1 to 3 minutes late logging in on the phone after 5 months of being there. I am absolutely sick of working these types of jobs, where even the SMALLEST thing can interrupt your life. I can not go back that again. Please tell me, where can I find opportunities that will keep me from having to work in jobs that are not fitting for my personality and characteristics? My goal is to become financially stable over the next 10 years, but I don’t know which way or what time do. -Aunshenita


Let me remind you that you should always start work or be prepared and ready to work prior to your time on the clock. You should have been logging in 5 minutes early every day. That is what I did when I was working for IBM and the United States Post Office. I am not trying to make you feel bad, but you put yourself in a position to get laid off. Now you need to explore opportunities at a temporary employment agency. I loved their work environment, because it allowed me to work for different companies until I found the environment that I liked. Also, this allows a company to test out new employees. I would highly recommend you apply for these companies and please remember to start work prior to the start time. It will leave a very good impression.

Good Morning Rushion,

I’m wanting to start my craft business but I don’t know how to start. I have purchased several cutting machines and printers. I just don’t how to start. Can you give me any advice on how to just jump into this business?
Thanks in advance. -Kathryn

You need to find a person or company that is doing what you are trying to do and see how they are selling and marketing their brands. Is it at flea market, expos or weekend festivals? Please do your homework, because how they are being successful will help you be successful. You can even ask them questions. They don’t know that you are trying to get in the same business. Do some craft snooping!

Hello Mr. McDonald.
I contacted you nearer to the beginning of the year regarding my husband’s company, WEBDMG, and his app platform, PlayMe, which is made to allow individuals have an app with their original music, videos, information, etc. The possibilities are endless. He has since updated and expanded the app platform and has taken the advice you gave to keep advertising to get the word out about it. We haven’t had much response and I’m wondering if you have any additional advice on how to get the word out about it?
-Mari from Suffolk, VA


Have you been going to local entertainment venues and comedy clubs to tell talent about your product? It seems to me that you are talking to people who are not in the business. You also need to visit local recording studios in your market. You have a product that is tied to entertainers and you need go where they perform or hang out.

Where is the best place to see sample business plans? -Crystal

The Small Business Administration office is the best place to see sample business plans.