I produce LIVE events (theatre, concerts, retreats, conferences, etc) and typically I’ve invested in myself by spending my own money to produce it. I don’t mind doing so because I believe in myself and my events.

I’m now at the stage where I would like to seek and build relationships with sponsors who would like to align themselves with my brand, which is to bring elevated, well rounded events to women of color. Sponsors will allow me to take my events to the next level and to serve more women. What is your advice on seeking sponsors, specifically for an upcoming conference and upcoming theatrical production – both for women of color? I’m interested in investors, but would PREFER sponsors – Yetta


Sponsors are big into collecting data that they can use for future customer research. In order for a sponsoring company to be interested in your event, you have to present them with a presentation that shows how you can create events that attract future customers to their brand. They are usually excited when your events are reaching people in the thousands!

What is the best way to capitalize on an internship or volunteer opportunity outside of the organization when the opportunity is presented? And does a volunteer or non-paid position decrease the value of the experience? – Pamela


Non-paid positions can lead to great opportunities as long as there are opportunities available where you are at. I am a small company, so interning or volunteering with me would not necessarily mean that I will have a future job for you. Make sure you choose the company wisely that you are going to intern or volunteer with!

Do you know of any investor opportunities that provide a platform similar to the show Shark Tank that are specifically focused on minority small business owners? – Charlene


Please stay close to my sessions. I am pitching a show like that right now. My goal is to have five TV shows in production this Spring.

Will you be hosting your Entertainment Empowerment Workshop in other cities this year or next year? Would you be open to parterning up with an Entertainment & Marketing Company to bring your Entertainment Empowerment Workshops to different cities? – Brandy


The goal is to have one tour date in 2015 and six tour dates in the first half of 2016.

How can I get a hold of a celebrity to partner with me on a business idea? – US Golf League

US Golf League,

You can direct message them on social media.

Are second hand store retail shops a lucrative business? How do you stand out from goodwill and the slavation army thrift shops? – Patricia


I would avoid this business plan because it will require a lot of storage and there is no guarantee of what items you are going to sell.

I am putting all my money into my music and songwriting career but I am afraid since I have no other income. I want to give up but I know I will regret that and I don’t want to live my life with the shoulda coulda woulda…

I have hope and faith but life sometimes make you think twice. Should I go broke all the way, or put a hold on my career? I know what I want but I just dont know. – Laguerre


You cannot delay something that you want to do. This is your dream and with all dreams comes risks. Are you performing locally already? If not, you should. You need to start building your brand with live performances. This will let you gauge your opportunities. I am giving you this example because this is what I did before I left IBM and started touring as a stand-up comic.

I have books on Amazon and want to get a book deal with Barnes and Noble or Books A Million. I am also a poet/songwriter single mom who can not sign a deal. Social Media is where I get the biggest support.

I want to ghostwrite. Women I have reached out to in the industry write their own songs and men don’t take me seriously because I am 40 and write raps. I am trying to put Huntsville, Alabama on the map! – Kimberly


Usually book companies will sign up freelance writers like yourself, based on your current sales or your ability to market your book.

What are the steps to open a funeral home? How much money is needed? Where should I start to find a mentor in funeral services? – Patricia


You need to create a business plan. Because you seek out a mentor, you need to understand the financial responsibilities. Please go here to learn more.

I want to start a non-profit for feeding the homeless. What do I need to accomplish this? I’m in the Atlanta area. We currently feed the homeless as a group of friends. Should we continue as is or organize a non-profit? – Corine


There many tax advantages for becoming a non-profit and it seems like what you are doing for the homeless will enable you to qualify. Please go to this section at ‪sba.gov and it should help you.