Hello Rushion McDonald,

I know we spoke a few weeks ago and you gave me advice on the picture on my website for my show (The Big Scoop with Coop) and I have changed it, but I remember you mentioning to me about growing my social media numbers and I’m wondering what is the most effective way of doing that? -Michael from Rocky Mount, NC


Why don’t you Facebook Live your show? Right now the format is not very exciting. Right now all you are displaying is a picture and that is not very entertaining. I would love to see you you talking. That is what they are doing on ESPN and FOX TV everyday. So step it up and join the movement. You are a personality. Create a nice area for you to broadcast and flip the Facebook Live switch my friend. You can respond to the comments when you are doing the interview and create a stronger fan base. Do not short change your opportunity to be successful.

Mr. McDonald,

I am married to a chef and assist him and his fraternity brother with growing his catering business in the Houston, Texas metro area. The business had begun to gain momentum and I would like to make sure it is branded correctly. Since he is from New Orleans and the business name is Fleur de Licious Catering, there is often a misconception that he can only cook Louisiana comfort food when in fact he can cook anything from gourmet to casual. What steps can I take to ensure the business has the correct image? -Adriane from Houston, TX


You are only promoting New Orleans cuisine. If I saw that I would only think you feature New Orleans cuisine. I am sure you are proud of your heritage, but you should stop promoting only New Orleans cuisine.


I have an enhancement idea toward a product already on the market. The enhancement is how it’s dispensed instead of the old fashioned way. People cook with, ingest it for health improvement and more. Once people realize the convenience of it, it will take off on the market.  -Tammie


You need to trademark this idea or patent it.

Do you know how to become successful with a Mathematics Degree? Most companies value experience over the degree. I have not found decent positions that value the degree. Do you have an idea of companies and/or individuals that value the degree? Been having some difficulty. -Toi


My degree is in Math. You have the most versatile degree in the world. You should apply at temporary companies so you can see the value of your degree and also try out different companies. Your degree is a blessing, because to have a math degree means you have great logic and you can do anything in the workforce. So seeking out a temporary employment company should be great for you.

My husband is a phenomenal photographer. His work has been featured in magazines and just this past Friday evening on every television network on “STAND UP FOR CANCER.” How can he get more exposure preferably for profit? Please check out his work on Facebook at Epic Media Photography or on his page. -Ka


It is great that you are hyping your husband. But what is he doing to promote his business and his brand. Because I am sure that you are not managing him. Please update me on what he is doing to build his brand.

Good morning Mr. McDonald,

I am a starving artist, hungry for knowledge and exposure. I am a jewlery maker and jewlery designer (SIDZ DESIGNZ ). I would greatly appreciate advice on the correct way to market my work. I am on facebook and Instagram and I could use a little help.
-Sidra from Atlanta, GA


I went to your Facebook page and only saw five pictures of your jewelry. I never got the impression that you sold your jewelry. I also never got the impression that people are wearing your jewelry.


I am thinking about filming some of my workshops this year and posting them on YouTube. Do you think that would be a good marketing strategy?
-Heddrick from Queens, NY


Filming your workshops is perfect. In fact you should promote them on Facebook Live and make them a monthly event. Use social media to build your brand.

Good morning! I want to write a book. It’s been burning inside me for a few years now. I will know what I want to say but getting started is the problem. I’ve actually written three pages and when I pick up my tablet to write more I freeze. It’s a very personal and controversial subject. Could that be the reason? What should I do? Where do I begin? How should I confront this issue? Thank you in advance for your help and advice!
-Brenda from Charlotte, NC


Before you write your story, you need to tell your story to someone you trust. These conversations will enable you to flesh out your POV. You are struggling because you don’t have a POV. Open communication with that person will also allow you to grow.

Good morning Mr. McDonald,

I am a part time photographer and have been for over 20 years. I have met some interesting people, celebrities, and been at great parties. My name is known for my uniqueness and professionalism, but I feel that I should be at another level with my skills. My vision board is in front of me daily, my daily goals are always set, my plan has been there, and it’s always executed, but still I’m not at the level I feel I should be. Am I missing something? -Charles from New York, NY


I went to your Facebook page and there are no pictures that signify why I should hire you as a photographer. Your Facebook page should be filled with your work. But it is not, so I ask you if you are not willing to show your work, then why should I consider hiring you? You need to be building your brand and you are not displaying it.

How do you go about finding a good mentor? -Nikkita


Well, you just found one today in me. This is why I created Money Making Conversations. So I can mentor and assist people in being successful in life and business. Every Monday I will be right here for you.