I’ve been performing clean comedy for 11 years. My traveling & bookings have picked up in the last years. What can I do to become a regional/national brand? Here is my website. – Cassandra


You should start posting positive quotes from current customers that have booked you on your website. You should also focus heavily on your social media. You have to understand that you are finally getting a positive moment and you have to let people know what is happening. You have to become your own HYPE machine!

When you started your business what are the three things you wish somebody would have told you before you began OR while you were in your early years? – Vasohn


I opened a comedy club in Houston, Texas in 1992. The first thing that hit me was the sales tax on each ticket sold, second was the liquor tax on each drink sold, third I had no business plan.

A proper business plan would have alerted me to the various taxes that would have been due and I would have built those taxes into the ticket and drink prices. Finally, I needed a solid book keeper. I opened a business on hope and prayer and that is not a good business plan!

I currently run an at home baking business and was looking to open my own bakery/coffee shop. Should I start now with the customers I have (only been in business 11 months) or wait a little longer for a broader clientele ? – Patty


What has been the percentage profit growth each month that you have had the home baking business and have you created a business plan? The business plan will answer all of your questions.

How do I get a source to give me a thumbs up (or down) on featuring a mentoring organization and using one of the founder’s quotes (who happens to be famous) in my parenting book? I just need an okay.

My book is, “Raising Hell or Raise Them Well”: A faith-inspired self-help book for parents and parent figures who are under-served and under siege. I tried reaching the contact person on more than one occasion. I sent excerpts – the whole bit. Nothing. I am on a deadline to get my book printed. Should I go ahead and keep the foundation in my book or cut it out ? – Edye 


You contact the PR and the head of the foundation. Now you have to convince them that this is worth their time participating in.

I have been self employed for over 30 years and I’m approaching retirement age but I don’t want to retire. I need to, it’s hard work. How do I psychologically quit even though I love it so? – Gwen


You need to take on volunteer opportunities or hobbies that will positively fill your time. You are consumed by your current way of life and you have to start adding other options.

I was consumed with building Steve Harvey’s career so I started Money Making Conversations and developed my talents as a baker. In doing so I am seeing other positives options in my life. Money Making Conversations is very good therapy for me. You need to expand upon the things that you are doing outside of your work and then you will be prepared to retire.

Did you or do have to necessarily have a college degree to be successful in your own business? – Paula


I have a college degree, because that was a personal goal of mine. I always tell people to go to college because it was a life changing experience for me. You do not need to attend college to be successful in life, but it does create a nice foundation for more diverse opportunities.

I’m shooting a pilot for a unique cooking show. How can/where can I pitch it to networks? Should I post them on the web to get a buzz first? – Omar


Why are you stating that this is a unique cooking show? If you post it on the web then you will be giving away your unique idea.

My family has been in business for 25 years and I’m in the process of branding our products for grocery store shelves. What’s the best way to get exposure from non locals and how do I find a great mentor to guide me along the way. I’m extremely hardworking but I need help putting the pieces together. – Freda


Your best mentor will be the local SBA office. They will provide resources for you to win and help you develop solid business plans moving forward. I am a social media NUT, so you need to brand and post as much as you can on Facebook about your products.

I am starting a new business. Is it necessary to build a website or is Facebook suitable nowadays? – Corey


I would start branding your business through social media and the website will become your storefront. Just look at what I have done since I launched Money Making Conversations in January 2015. I have branded it through social media and launched my website in June. The reach with Social Media is incredible and you will not achieve that with a website.

I want to invest more in stock. What should I buy first? I have one LLC. Should I make my Nonprofit a LLC also? Not sure of all the perks with nonprofit being LLC can you enlighten me on that? I want to make sure I’m not missing anything. – Jaz


You are all over the place. You should communicate with the person who is doing your taxes because you are pitching various tax options when you are discussing profit and non-profit. I am not in a position to communicate because I do not know your financial history, but the person who annually does your taxes will be better suited. Good luck and I look forward to your success!