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I’m very interested in franchising a Starbucks…Can you provide any good tips on connecting with someone with experience or even any other franchises I can look into? I have a great desire to be an entrepreneur! Thank you in advance!
-Dwight from Chicago, IL


They don’t franchise…Now Dunkin Donuts franchises and they have a very popular brand if coffee. But don’t look to be a Starbucks Franchisee.

Good morning Rushion McDonald,

Should I work a second job and invest the earnings in my 401k?
Deitre from Houston, TX


That is a very smart idea. That way you can easily separate your lifestyle earnings from your savings earnings.

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I am a small business owner of an educational tutorial business for students Pre-K to 12th and college. Tutoring regular education and students with IEPS and 504s. I am a part of SBA, I am SWAM certified and SAM registered. What are some of the best methods in growing my business? -Cynthia


You have to make sure you are popping up on all of the search engines. If not, you need to register and you need to search your business name three times daily, so it can become active in the search patterns. I would also engage the parents to share your social media posts. Create movement where people want to help you and post for you.


As my audience grows, I feel there is a need to translate my books in to different languages. Do you think I can do this independently or should I partner with a native of these countries? -McBride Stories Facebook Page


Please do not try to translate these books yourself. You would not know where to sell the product in that country. Get with the company that is distributing your book. They would have the right contacts. Steve Harvey’s book, Act Like A Lady Think Like A Man, was translated into 29 languages. So I know it can happen for you.

How can I leverage my love for social media with creating a business (money-making) opportunity? -Ka


What are your social media numbers? I remember when I first started Money Making Conversations, a fan noticed I only had 13K followers. So she messaged me saying that if I wanted someone to believe in what I am saying, I needed to start looking more successful with my social media numbers. So I focused on growing my social numbers. Now I have over 313K and people respect my advice even more. So your personal social media numbers have to reflect a success story too.

What are the best ways to handle a busy personal life and a growing business?
-Rosa from Fayetteville, NC


Time management is the key to a successful business and personal life. The way you accomplish that is by setting times to do the same things all the time. Then you will learn to to manage your time. One of the big keys is waking up the same time every day and never hitting the snooze button.

When looking for a business partner, what should a person consider?
-Adrienne from Columbia, SC


You should do a background check on anybody you are considering as a business partner. You should have run a credit check too.


What are your thoughts on post graduate degrees? I am thinking about pursuing my Masters Degree in Special Education. I feel like it would add credibility to my children’s book collection. Thank you for your time. -Heddrick from Queens, NY


I wouldn’t pursue any additional education. I would focus on your books and marketing. You are at a point where you have product. You just need to be consistent with your marketing and branding. Just set up interviews and possibly do a weekly reading with kids using Facebook Live. You could be our modern day Mr. Rogers.

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I am contemplating retirement, I have 30 yrs, with USPS. But I want to do 5 more years. I want to know should I do the 5 or retire? Financially I am a single income household and I also want to open my own business or be prepared to start one. Where do I start? -Yolanda from Bossier City, LA


I would stay and use that last five years as preparation for your exit. Also start planting seeds in your final two years about your final business so they can become customers. It is a lot easier for you to reach them when you work with them, then when you retire early and walk away.

Good morning!

I am thinking of writing a book about my story. And I’m praying for ministry work. Any suggestions? God bless! -Amelia from Bedford, TX


Please start writing your ideas. This is the best way to get your story organized.