I publish an inspirational magazine for girls, Be You! Girl Magazine. I’m relaunching this fall. I use my social media platforms a great deal to share what we’re doing. What other ways can I get the word out about my magazine and create even more buzz about the new launch? -Monica


You should create a Be You! Girl Magazine club. The goal of this club is to spread the word of your magazine. It should be at least ten girls/ladies. They will all use your social media to promote and this will enhance your buzz and magazine awareness. This Be You! Girl Magazine Club should be featured in your magazine and you should encourage others to join. They should use their social media to promote your magazine. You need to get the Millennials hyped about your magazine. So please make sure you keep some of the members of the club in their early twenties. Also invite them to be creative about promoting the magazine.

Good Morning, Mr. McDonald!

I would like to know how do I go about getting sponsors and/or ambassadors for my products? My product is a t-shirt line called “She Deserves Collection.” The collection will consist of 26 designs to bring awareness and support to women in the military. I want to create awareness, honor and respect for the women who are not only serving for our country but are also mothers, wives, sisters, daughters, and so much more. I have released 4 designs. Please check them out at www.kd-unlimited.myshopify.com -KD


These are too plain. You can contact the US Army marketing in DC and create a licensing deal. That way you can put US Army logos on your products. Then you will have credibility to your brand. Please contact the US Army Marketing and Resource Group. They have a licensing department and they will definitely want to do business with you.


Thank you for the Q&A session. I’m launching a bath and body line. How do you suggest I handle local orders? I don’t want to run myself insane meeting people to deliver their products and they may not want to pay shipping to a local address. What do you think? -Miranda from Atlanta, GA


Run yourself crazy until you start generating large business. I honestly feel it is an advantage if you meet your customers and when you deliver you might get more customers. I would deliver and build your brand with your personality and invest in cute delivery packages that will make your customer remember you. Start becoming a face to your brand.


I am a (fiction novel) book author (Naked Truths). I am currently branching out, writing a play and screenplay adaptation for my book. Do you know the best way I can get my work to the right people (producers, studios etc.) so that my dreams and hard work can become a reality? -Alfonzo


You have to start at the bottom and get your hustle. That means you have to submit your work to production companies, managers and agencies. You need to contact Samuel French Book Store in Los Angeles and buy a book that will give you all of the contact information.

You have helped me with advice in the past. I started a non-medical home care agency and I’m starting to see some profit. I’m in the process of moving and I found a nice place that is $475 more than I pay now. Should I depend on what I’m making from my business or find a cheaper place and save the profit from my business?
-Shaniece from Poughkeepsie, NY


Do people have to come to your office to conduct business? If not, then find a cheaper place and continue to build your brand. We live in a world where businesses grow in a digital space. Don’t create debt when you can use that revenue to promote your brand and post to Facebook.

What is your best advice to beginners who have little to no money, but a good idea for a business? -Anthony


You need to create a business plan for you dream. So you will know how much the idea will cost. You can go to any local SBA office and they will assist you with the research.

I have a cleaning company. How do I brand it effectively in order to gain more followers via social media? -Krystal from Hopewell, VA


You can offer cleaning specials to your Facebook followers. Find out if they are really reading your post. Then you turn these cleaning pictures into social media posts.

What would be a great model to use for branding a company and myself? -Carolyn


A great model to use is your social media. Just tracking the people in your field and see how they post. I like baking, so I had to start posting more pictures about my baking, so people could understand my new brand. But I also look at how some popular bakers post on social media. I do the same with my motivational quotes. All my quotes are original. Develop your own POV, don’t copy one!

I recently opened a beauty salon. I have one stylist that is trying to rent a chair from me but has a business in her own name. How will this affect me? Income tax wise or any way how would this affect me? -Erica


this should have no affect on you, because you are signing a contract with this person as an independent contractor. It will work out better if it is in her business’ name and it will limit your tax liability. Please talk to your accountant and he should say the same things that I am telling you.

I am interested in starting a personal home care business but I’ve never started or ran a business before. And I do not believe my credentials at this time would qualify me for a business loan. This is something I’ve always wanted to do. What are some of the first steps I should take? -Vivian from Vidalia, GA


You need to do your homework. Please visit the Small Business Administration office in your city. It is free and they will have manuals about your start up. It is important because you need to create a business plan. The SBA will provide you with the information to create a business. A lot of people start a business not clearly understanding all of the hidden expenses. So do your research by visiting the SBA today.