Thank you for this opportunity! I just stepped out on my own about 90 days ago. I have started a Consulting Firm offering my Administrative Services and I’ve been using free media sites for Marketing; FB, IG, Twitter. Question: What advice can you provide in marketing my services and securing possible contracts? I provide the following services: Admin Support Services; Calendar Management, Travel, Meeting/Event Planning, Report Generation, Special Project Management, Presentation Development, Business Correspondence and more.
-Xenia from Castro Valley, CA


You should promote fast turnaround and 24 hour service. If you promote that your services are available 24 hours a day, be sure to sleep with your cell phone next to your bed. All the things you listed can be handled online via a smartphone or laptop. It’s about marketing. Promote that by coming to you, it will give them the edge because your company does not sleep. That is why they farm out a lot of the work that you do to India, because they are awake when you are sleeping. Understand the patterns of your competition to win.

I am closing a deal to purchase a local access tv channel in my area. I decided to “JUMP” as Mr. Harvey would say. I have a couple of shows lined up to put on the air, however I have people who want to produce their own show and air it on my station and I have people who I see as very talented and would love to produce a show for them. Do I pay these people to air their show on my station? Do they pay me for air time? How do I get sponsors for the shows? What type of attorney do I need to have the proper contracts in place to protect my tv station and be fair to the people who want to air their own show? I need help. -April


Congratulations. You need content on your channel in order to sale commercials. But you don’t want cheap promotions or people will see you channel as an access channel. People always want to be on TV , radio and film. But most don’t have the money or the talent to produce the content that you need. So I would host several contests to generate awareness for you channel and to also secure content talent. I would buy their content if you can sale it. But you have to be assured that they will produce the content based on your schedule needs.

What’s one of the best ways to get more exposure with a service business like mine? Is using influencers useless or the way to go? My company is Schiller Productions, and we create marketing videos for businesses. We could create cool social media videos for your cooking brand. -James from Villa Rica, GA


Your photo shoot is one person, and you know that is not enough. Also, you need to create some more videos for your production. Expand your creativity. Create some short 10, 15 and 30 seconds videos to show people how to sale their projects. You have to fake it before you make it. Right now you are not even doing a good job of faking it like you are a big time business and you have the equipment and manpower to do that.

Mr. McDonald,

I have a question about my business. I started out as a distributor for the Perfect Hair collection and as time went on I added children’s clothes and accessories to my business. I have been in business a little over a year now. I go around to different salons and set up a booth at events. How long should I continue to do this before looking into opening a store? -Penelope from Lamar, SC


Why would you stop building on what is being successful? You don’t have to worry about rent, employees, insurance or building taxes. If you really want to understand your plan, please create a business plan and you will see why I am telling you to keep doing what you are doing. I like your current plan. Please continue to build your business out of your trunk. Don’t jump too soon. I like the plan you currently have in place. Keep winning and building your base. Also promote your social media and develop a mailing list.

Good morning,

I’m currently in the process of filming my web series, Hood Stories. I wanted to know is it to late to try and get sponsors and if not how do I go about obtaining sponsors?
-Nicole from Richton Park, IL


I don’t know why I would sponsor your series. You need to generate web traffic and social media activity before you solicit sponsors. Shoot a great pilot and start tracking it on YouTube or post it on Gofundme. But right now you are an independent with no content. You have to create content to build insurance in your brand.

I would like to know how do I get a small business loan? If I am not approved for a loan, can you give me some ideas on how to make money on my own? Looking forward to hearing from you. -Belinda from St. Louis, MO


Why do you need a small business loan? In order to get a business loan, you need a business plan and five years of projected reasonable growth.

Hello Rushion,

I am a independent life, health and annuity insurance advisor. My goals are to be successful in this business by educating people about insurance. Most people look at insurance as a death policy and do not feel it’s important. I know I have to go through the no’s before getting to the yes’. What advice can you give me to build my business?
-Rhonda from Brooklyn, NY


You need to create insurance parties that promote how you can save for college and retirement. Promote the fact that the interest rate in an insurance policy is better than a bank. Yes, most people do think of insurance as life, health and auto. But it is a lot more and you need to start promoting that in your social media and create a mailing list that promotes your brand.

Such a wonderful opportunity!

Question: For someone just starting off, but that would like to get into the industry as a producer (television, film) with some but little experience (low budget film/local plays) where or what would you suggest a next step would be? Especially by not living in an industry hub like LA, Atlanta, etc. Thanks again for your input. -Moe


Experience can be found anywhere if you have a plan. You need to create a sizzle reel of your career and start promoting your entertainment brand on all of your social media. Lose the family and friends photos. These are your next steps. Start showing full time commitment to your entertainment career.

Thank you, Rushion, for the opportunity. I would like to go into the entertainment business. I really do believe I have a gift of making people laugh. I will be done with my college degree in December. I work retail and I want to leave retail and go after my dream. Do I do it? I’m also taking classes in stand up. Is this the right thing to do?


I never took a class in stand-up comedy. I just went on stage during amateur comedy night in a comedy club. I too have a college degree (in math) and worked full time at IBM, so we have a similar path. You have to get on that stage and get out of that classroom. The faster you grow as a comedian the quicker you will start living your dreams.

I appreciate this opportunity Rushion!….I have experienced time and time again people telling me that I have a gift in doing certain things. Yet I have not been able to be successful in any one of the endeavours. By successful I mean making any income. I do have success as far as likes and words, but that won’t cut it! I make homemade baked goods, I paint t-shirts, I do gift baskets, I do calligraphy lettering, I do creative writing and poetry, and I speak as well as sing, yet I have not been able…to make good money or any money from these endeavors! Is there someone that you can recommend as a mentor or someone that can help get my name out there, help me get my business off the ground? Thank you for all that you do! -Rachel from Orrville, OH


You have listed a lot of opportunities in your message. You are living out the old phrase “A jack of all trades, but a master at none.” Simply put, you have to focus on what you can do, but what you are passionate at and this talent (that you focus on) exceeds all of your other expectations. For example I am a really talented comedian. I realized that making money as a comedian was never going to match the money I would make as a write and producer. So I pursued this career path and never looked back. Your problem is that you are not focused on what you are really talented at. Being able to do a lot things good is not a benefit.