I’ve had a baking business for over 20 years. I’ve baked during the holidays for 3 or 4 people each year. I’d like to make this business mine and turn it into something great. My specialty is German chocolate cakes and pound cakes. I typically make 6-8 cakes per year. What do I do from here? Any suggestions would be great. Thank you! -Pam


This is not enough activity to start a business. I would advise you to tell your friends to start promoting your brand and they would get a free cake based on the amount of referrals that you get from them. Small businesses are built on relationships. This is the year you start using them.

Good morning Rushion, thank you once again for sharing your business wisdom!

My name is Xenia and I’m from Castro Valley, CA. I recently started marketing my business with your wisdom offering my virtual admin services 24hrs a day, 7 days a week. I would like to get your feedback on my website if you have sometime could you take a look and let me know what you think? www.perfectingadministration.com Thank you so much! -Xenia from Castro Valley, CA


Thank you for contacting me. The first thing that jumps out is that your website has no urgency and you are not really telling me how you can make my personal life or business life better. You are not promoting your 24 hour service. You don’t promote fast turnaround and you should put a starting rate for you services.


I am thinking about hiring a personal assistant but don’t know how to find a good one to help me on a daily basis based upon my schedule and needs in the business. What should I consider first? -Kier from Houston, TX


You should never hire a fan of your business. So don’t promote it on Facebook. Also never hire a person who does not know your brand. Third, if you have anybody who is interested in working for you, they should tell you how they are going to improve you personal and business life. Finally they have to understand social media, have skills on Word, Excel and PowerPoint. If they don’t then you are wasting your time. You should contact an employment agency. They have a pool of talent for you to select from and that you will select the best available talent. Please keep me posted on your decision.

Good morning!

How do I build my business credit without my personal credit? Thanks
-Ericka from Radcliff, KY


You have to co-sign your business credit and then you have to make successful payments. The Dunn Bradford Report is also a way to build your business credit too. They track how you pay your business related bills.

Thank you once again for taking the time to do this!

Last time I mentioned that I will be part of a huge event in Cleveland and I am excited about that, and it takes place August 27 at the Quicken Loans Arena. Since then, I was able to land an opening spot for Kanye West in Columbus, OH for his Saint Pablo tour. I have a 3 song set to make this my moment. I have not been cleared to begin promotion yet until this coming weekend. Like the other event, what can I do make this a success for the next one? How can I get my local media involved if I pitch them my story? Any words of wisdom and advice I will take. Thank you!
-Moses from Columbus, OH


Congrats on your career moments. Now you have to perform. You have to deliver the goods in front of the crowd. So promote your social on stage. Just pick one format and sell it after you kick butt on stage. Also see if you can sell your music at the venue.

Hello Mr. Rushion McDonald,

I reached out to you last week about my business, Kimskakery. I don’t have a website but here is a link to my order form. I would like some feedback on how to grow my business. -Kimberly from Charlotte, NC


I went to your site and you need to have a quality picture of every dessert that you are offering. Right now your site feels very small and it does not get me excited. I will not buy what I don’t see and right now I only see three desserts. If you want to sell desserts online, you can make her own through Wix. If you need help designing it, then contact a young college kid who can set it up for you. Plus you need to add pictures to all of your desserts that you make.

Good Morning, I just opened a real estate brokerage firm in Chicago. What are some techniques & strategies that I can do to get my business noticed until I am able to hire a P.R. Firm? http://www.reneemooregroup.com/ -Renee from Chicago, IL


I like your website, but there is no promotional urgency on your site. What is your history as a realtor? Also you need to post ads on all rental and buying platforms for homes and condos. I travel a lot and often use these services, but you are in a very competitive field that is using apps and high profile ads. But you can be successful if you focus on a niche industry and these are people who want to stay in a certain area and will spend a certain amount of money.

Good morning,

Thanks for sharing your wisdom with those of us who wish to be entrepreneurs. I currently work as a cashier, but I have a gift basket business on the side. My question is while I am attending networking events should I just mention my gift basket business and not disclose what I am currently doing? -Adrienne from Columbia, SC


Only promote the career that you believe in. You are not trying to be a career cashier. So promote your gift baskets and have pictures of your work. Life is good.

Hi Mr. Rushion.

This is April with the local access channel. Once a person pitches a show idea to me and if I like the show concept do I ask them to buy air time with my station or do I buy the rights to the show? This is very new to me so I have a lot of questions in this area. -April


Before they pitch a show to you, they need to sign a release form that will protect you, so nobody can try to sue you for “stealing” their idea. If the idea is being produced you can license it or offer the time slots for a fee. A local station on Houston would give me time slots and I was responsible for selling ad time. But they had to approve the types of ads.

Good Morning! What were your top 3 most successful ways of generating clients or finding opportunities? Thank you in advance. -Vashon from Philadelphia, PA


Here are my top three ways of generating clients or finding opportunities.

1) Putting Magnetic Signs on my Truck
2) Asking my Social Media friends to help me promote
3) Buying very cheap overnight radio commercials