I have been working on my cable access TV talk show named “Simply Suzette” since 1995 and I would like to take it to the next level of network TV. I love it. I have also visited other local shows to see just how successful shows are produced and viewed. Here is a link to my TV show “Simply Suzette”. Would love to hear your views on my work and to be the next success story of yours!!! – Suzette 


The mistake when people submit their talk shows is that they should not be done in a studio, because you cannot produce at the level of a top rated talk show. You should take your energy and produce your topic on location or on the streets. This would really help your show and keep my interest. Right now your chair is too small and your set looks cheap. You will never win!

I supply diabetic footwear, custom orthotics, back & knee braces & other medical devices. I’m looking to branch out & expand my customer base. I work with a podiatrist & I advertise in my community. I would like to work with athletes in order to expand my reach to those who need my services. – Michael


If you want to work with athletes then you need to make your pitch to doctors who specialize in your fields. Also, you need to attend coaching clinics. This will put you directly in contact with the decision makers. Finally, football and basketball camps are big and held by Universities all over the country. AAU basketball tours are also huge, so you can get the word out about our brand. You need to start looking in the direction that I am pointing you.

My question to you is I am a Realtor in the Norther VA Area and I am trying to explode in my career. It is an area where it is extremely competitive. Do you have any suggestions for a young 32 yr old man like myself to get over the Hump? I am a grinder and will do everything in my power to get where I want to be. – David


The only way you can explode is by selling, selling and selling. In my Neighborhood in Houston I always get these cool post cards that promote the success of a realtor. They act like they are representing every home that is on sale in our part of the city. They also mark what homes they have sold and what they have pending. This is a great way to make your brand look bigger and catch the eye of a potential seller or buyer.

If you already have an audience that is over 3 million people just in the US and they are of all age, races, and genders, what do you feel is the best way to connect with them? My book, “The Village” which I wrote about epilepsy is the tool they can use. I just have to find a way to get it to them. – Lowell 


Are you referencing 3 million people who have this illness? You should be using the social media system to spread your message and you should also create a blog.

I met you at The Merge Summit last year and attended your panel. I’ve read Andrew Carnegie’s book How to Win Friends and influence People. I come from a network marketing MLM background as an entrepreneur and built my personal foundation with solid values and morals.

I’ve applied those principles to my career as a commercial actor, event emcee, and live events announcer- I want to be a household name as a host for TV shows like FAMILY FEUD, and also a voice over announcer for Award Shows and conferences plus appear in TV sitcoms/ commercials. I want to be a household name. I know I can’t do it alone. I need the generosity and help of others. I need a game plan. A relationship plan. A reach out plan. But first. – a marketing/ press kit. Or EPK? A way to tell people my brand. Ferrrrnando! (With 3rs) bilingual actor. Host. And announcer. – Fernando


I remember meeting and you really need to upgrade your website and your Facebook page. Neither is telling me everything about your current brand or what you are trying to do. You listed a lot of things that you want to do in your career, but I go to your Facebook page and I see rooftops. That makes no sense to me. I go to your website and I just see a headshot. Fernando Duran, you have to upgrade your imaging in order to be taken seriously.

I own an Atlanta based Lifestyle management company – Assistance For Hire. In your opinion, what is the best way to connect with my ideal clients, which are high net worth individuals who recognize the benefits of delegating key tasks in their personal lives? – Jamie


Your website is so boring. It does not sell success! You have to change your website, so you can move to the next level. Please look at this website and give me your thoughts.

I am meeting with Chick-Fil-A on Friday. I am proposing that I work as a consultant to launch a Chick-Fil-A sponsored marketing campaign that will help support: 1) Volunteerism 2) Atlanta’s local Pro sports teams 3) The Chick-Fil-A brand.

We will produce videos that feature non-profit organizations and their volunteers. We will partner with the Braves, Hawks and Falcons to use each of their slogans “I’m Brave” “True to Atlanta” and “Rise Up” to promote fans volunteering and supporting the home sports team.

These videos will be played at pro sports games as well as on local news segments. Below is an example of a video: Can you please watch the video and let me know things I need to be prepared for when I present this idea to Chick-Fil-A?  – Issac


This video needs to feel more diversified. I love the pitch, but feels like you are only speaking to African Americans. I would also wear a suit in your presentation and not the t-shirt. You have a solid pitch. It comes across very narrow in your presentation and I know you want it to impact everyone. Also, you have to include the Atlanta Hawks in your presentation.

I am seeking your advice regarding the expansion of my consulting business to a PR Firm. Services provided are the following: Social Media & Digital Marketing, Integrated Marketing, Public Relations, Strategic Planning, Event Management & Product Integration.

I am currently seeking staff qualified in the various areas of expertise to service the needs of prospective clients. What advice could you provide as to making this dream a reality? – Joycelyn


The most difficult part of this switch to a PR Firm is getting the right staff. Just because they have a personal social handle does not qualify them to work for your social media staff. But social media is the biggest part of your business, so you have to hire an experienced person to oversee this department. You will also need an experienced Website developer.

Good afternoon Mr McDonald, How does one get a book published? – Harold


Here is a website that can assist you in how to get your book published. There are many legitimate book publishing sites. I am sending this site to you as an example.

I started writing a book in the late 90’s that was inspired by a song on my website. The book is titled Pressures of a Black Man. Copyright in 2003, self published in 2012, it contains several short stories about issues that black men live on a daily basis it’s today world written in the late 90’s. How they’re making it by their faith in God. I had some success I was wondering if a self published book can get a publisher. My target market is mentoring program, mother of young black son, would love to send you a copy. – Rose


I feel that you are looking at a very small window for your business. Why are you targeting mentoring programs and single mothers? You should be targeting HBCU schools, Boys and Girls Club, Boy Scouts of America, Public School Districts or YMCA. Do not limit your window of exposure that is the only mistake that you are making!