I want to start a program or business to help young teenagers (young moms preferred). How do I go about starting it and should I do profit or nonprofit? – Laquita


A non profit would be the best way to go to assist in charitable donations and funds. This can help you.

Rushion I’m 57 and I’m stuck in a credit car payday loan drama. I have a job with the Airlines but don’t make enough to get out of debt. What do you suggest? – Tezona


You sound like me twenty years ago. First, do you have good credit? You need to get a consolidation loan that will create one monthly payment. It will also be without those high credit card interest rates. Now, when you get this consolidation loan you have to cut up your credit card because you cannot create new debt.

I’m a faith-based yoga instructor/fitness coach. What types of events should I be going to to share my gifts? – Renee


You should contact Heat & Soul Magazine. They do a lot of health expos and you will be perfect. I used Nikki Thomas from the Bay Area in CA at my Health Expo during the State Farm Neighborhood Awards Expo!

I have an educational platform for which I am applying for 501(c)3 status. Although I have researched how to acquire Non profit status, the process seems complicated. Will you please advise on the most cost effective and direct way to get through this process? – Robbie


Please review this website and let me know if it is helpful.

How do you get a packaged food idea to a company? Also, do you have to have your recipes patented if you do a cook book?

Lastly, how can one get an idea for a clothing collection idea to a company that promotes my brand (NOT A Fashion Designer)? – KJ


Can the food idea be mass produced, and what are the costs? Yes, you can patent your recipe unless it is very generic. You should write a cook book and promote that first! Also, build your brand though cooking videos on YouTube.

Why do companies that claim to help start up businesses with loans expect the business to have revenue? Why do they expect new businesses to have funds? Do they really want to help new businesses? – EJ


If you have a solid business plan that can help you. Do you have a business plan or collateral? Please visit this website for tips on starting a business.

Mr. Rushion, the last time I talked to you was at the Disney Dreamers Academy. You told me I needed to move to LA because they weren’t making stars here in Atlanta. I’m still singing and acting.

I’ve been in some big movies recently, but I’m not sure what to do next other than your suggestion. Do you any advice? I was an extra in Selma & Barbershop 3. I was also a featured extra in Goosebumps and The Founder with Michael Keaton. I’m a McDonald’s Employee in it. I also have my own radio show on CAU campus. – Jordan


When are you moving to LA to pursue your acting dream? You cannot put extra work on an acting resume.

Early in your career how did you get others to remember you when making new contacts while networking?

Sidenote – as a motivational speaker my goal is to transform and enhance the lives of others assisting them in personal and professional development. – LaDorris


I started in a lot of corrective centers. These are facilities where people don’t feel anyone cares anymore. You can also start at church centers to build your brand of motivation. Finally, who are you trying to reach specifically? That will help you WIN!

I’m writing a book. Is it best to self publish, or go straight to the publishing houses? – Jen


If you self publish, please hire somebody who can edit your book. Self editing your book is not a good idea. Also form a group to critic your book so you can give everyone a global perspective on your message.

Hello sir do you think opening a group home for kids is a good investment? – Renee


Here are some questions you need to answer:

  • What is the age group for the home for kids?
  • How many kids are you trying to maintain at the facility each day?
  • What is the debt and profit ratio?

This could be a good investment, but the numbers have to have a low breakeven number.