I’m starting an e-commerce business and I need some guidance on what to accomplish first. Should I file for my trademarks for the brand and copyrights for the artwork before getting started? I want to share my ideas with my target market before putting up the site. Not sure if I should wait until everything is trademarked and copyrighted. – Kuteea


Generally when you file they are going to want some type of commerce artifact, like a t-Shirt or artwork from your website and of course the logo. But you should definitely file, before you go public. You could launch back in the day and then file, but they have so many squatters today, that it is best to protect your brand before you launch.

I was born in 1975. My father died in 1979. Then, my mother got killed a few weeks or months later. I was moved to live with my grandfather, who died approximately 2 years later and was raised singlehandedly by his other daughter, my aunt Renee. Who do you think can benefit most from hearing my story? I believe it is motivational. – Renard


This story should definitely be heard by students at Alternative schools! They can use your story motivation to change their own lives.

I am a struggling artist and songwriter in Brooklyn, New York and temping from job to job with a college degree. I’m kind of confused and I wanna put my career on hold but I want to fight. It’s very expensive but I don’t want to regret it. – Laguerre


You have no excuse for not performing. There are over 2 million black people in Brooklyn. And you live next door to the mecca of entertainment NYC. I traveled from Houston to NYC to hone my stand-up Comedy Skills. Yes it was expensive, but I had a dream to be successful and that was not working for me in Houston, Texas. Find a hotel lounge, street, Washington Square, a bar or speakeasy and start performing. If you got the gift, then the world will recognize!

How did you know that you were called to be a motivational speaker? What small steps did you take to manifest that destiny? – Asanti


People listened when I spoke and constantly asked me for advice all the time. But I showed a willingness to care for others and sometimes to my detriment put other people’s problems before mine. But to motivate people you cannot be selfish.

I have been a permanently certified teacher of English/Language Arts since 2003. I would like to use my life story of being orphaned since the age of 5 as a platform for motivational speaking. Please help me begin my transition. – Renard


Thank you for this information. You can tell story at detention centers or alternative schools That is where I started my motivational speaking and I learned a lot. I feel your message would be readily received and centers would welcome you dropping weekly. Now, you cannot just do it one time, because the kids are used to people not sticking with them and they will reject what you are trying to do, if you don’t consistently and have a plan for them.

My son is a cartoonist and has published some books how would he find a agent. – Phyllis


All agencies accept submissions. But do’t start at the big companies. Start small and educate yourself on the principles of how you should pitch your son’s project.

Rushion thanks for guiding my son K-Jay, how do you balance persistence/driven vs. being pushy? – Korey


You have to have open communication with your son. My daughter is 18 years old and turned pro tennis. I remain positive, but I constantly remind her that this is her dream, not mind. And she has to be willing to work hard for her dream.

I’m prepping materials for a film funding. I have a funny script, business plan, some A-list names you are familiar with interested in participating, (actors, director), and a hugely potential source for funding that has the money (popular gaming casino here on the east coast).

They are not in the movie business, but the funny script and original story offers huge branding opportunities. My question is, ” Do I ask for seed money to get production rolling or ask for full budget? Also, How would you suggest proposing to vendors located in casino to contribute funds in exchange for product placement and signage exposure?” – Art


You never ask for the full budget. You need seed money to hire a Executive IN Charge of Production. This EIC will help you plan your production. 20% of the production should be seed money. Have you hired and found a qualified Executive In Charge of Production or Line Producer?

Im being looked upon as a leader. What personal qualities do I need as a person ? – Consuelo


Leadership defers from person to person, but there are some consistencies in leadership. Nelson Mandela displayed a leadership style based on peace, forgiveness and an understanding of his opponents. The five leadership qualities are:


I have started a work from home opportunity for independent contractors to provide customer service for Fortune 500 companies. I promote myself on Facebook, website, flyers and by word of mouth. Can you tell me what else I can be doing to promote myself. I get a lot of inquires, but most people believe its a scam since they are a few fees to become an independent contractor. I’ve been with my client for almost 4 years and I tell you it’s been a blessing to work from home and be home when my child gets home from school. My website will explain to you who we are and what we do. – Silvia


Do you have any referencing or satisfied clients that you can boldly put on your website? I would start there.