I recently quit my regular FT job to work from home so I can pursue my dream of being a real estate investor. Any advice on the best direction to go in with this? I’ve taken the first step of making myself available and I am ready to do the work! – Brandy


Are you trying to flip properties? If so then you need to have a relationship with a contractor that you can trust. Make sure you start small. Do not try to flip a big project. Bigger projects take more time and consume more money!

Before your business ideas in entertainment took off with Mr.Harvey, what other jobs did you have? Do you think that any job is a good job while in pursuit of one’s dreams? – Jacquita


My degree is in mathematics and I was working for IBM when I resigned and pursued a career in Stand-Up Comedy. Any job is a good job as long as it allows you to pursue your dreams. IBM worked for me, because I could perform at night and I worked in the daytime. If you want to pursue a career in entertainment and you want to audition, then you should look at jobs in the hospitality field.

I’m a clean comedian that’s a video food blogger. How can I get my videos on tv? Here is my blogsite.  – Cassandra


If you want to grow your brand do it through Facebook and then post the videos on YouTube. You will get a better response and when you upload it directly to Facebook and you will get a better reaction with likes and shares. Please try this upload process first and stop uploading primarily to YouTube. Make sure you are not attaching your YouTube posts to Facebook. For the best response on Facebook you have to post directly to Facebook. You can use these Facebook views to expand your brand.

I’m currently in the Human Services field but I want to work in the entertainment industry. I went to college to work in the industry but I was not able to find a internship in the area of entertainment. What would you suggest I do in order to gain experience in the area I want to work in at my age?  I live in Los Angeles. I am willing to move if I have to. – Ingrid 


You are living in the perfect city, but you need to start as a production assistant. You need to get your feet wet first before you start pitching. Hollywood is about relationships, but you have to get in the industry to create the relationships. Starting as a PA is a great opportunity.

What do you think is the NUMBER ONE reason that most people don’t follow their dreams? – Eric


The number one reason people don’t follow their dreams is the hard work that is involved. They cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel and thus the task seems impossible. That is when the fear of failure and disappointment creeps and they start taking advice from other people who are not living their dreams.

I have a nephew who makes different kinds of pecan candy, assorted pies, etc. I believe his product is truly marketable, but he is doing this out of his kitchen. Who can we look to for help in getting his product out there in the market? – Stanley


He should try to get his product on the shelves of local specialty stores. But he has to be able to produce product upon demand and not miss any of his shipment requests.

I have shared some of my life experiences. I have been told many times that I should write a book!! How do you know when you have something to share in a book? How would you begin if interested? And where would I start? – Elona


You should sit down with an editor and start outlining your story. You have to be organized and so many people start writing, with no outline.

How do I go about looking for scholarships for school? – Shineah


Please check out this organization that registered 1,000 students and distributed 6 million dollars in scholarships at our expo this year in Atlanta, GA.

I recently bought a house and car last year. Better area, better schools for my kids. I provide for me and my kids. I’ve been at my job for 10 yrs. I am dedictated and loyal. However, lately do not feel the return in loyalty and do not feel as though I’m not being utilized to my potential there.

A better opportunity at another company, a new start up, has presented itself with more money and potential for growth, but I’m afraid of making a wrong decision. The last thing I want to do is compromise what the kids and I have. I am somewhat apprehensive about making that leap, taking the risk as I am not 20 or 30 only making decisions for myself. I am praying for guidance to make the right decision…what would you do? – Irene 


I want you to write down ten reasons why you should stay at the job that has no future and ten reasons why you should leave for the better opportunity. I would love to tell you to play it safe, but you are talking to a gunslinger in Rushion McDonald and you want to improve the quality of your family life. There are no guarantees except the guarantee of an opportunity. You should look at that opportunity and realize is the right choice for you, which will be the right choice for your family.

How do you keep the motivation. Sometimes I get so frustrated? – Cynthia


I stay motivated by small things, because bigger tasks take longer to achieve. Plus I do other things and watch my favorite TV shows or bake. Do not allow yourself to be consumed by the task, because it can consume you and make your life depressing. When you are frustrated please walk away from the project and do something that can lead to quick success like watching a movie, cooking, baking or shopping.