I am seeking to begin a career in Broadcasting, and as a Voice Over artist. Where do I begin on this journey to give myself a legitimate opportunity for sustainable income and longevity? I do have a demo already, and looking to create more. – Stuart


You need to create a website that shows you voicing for various products. You should market this website through your social handles.

Would you happen to have any suggestions regarding incorporating passion for helping people into something that can become full time and profitable?

I have struggled a bit with my business and become discouraged more than once. However, I can’t seem to ignore it. How do you do what is in you when there may not be the help or support at the moment? – Maisha


Are you following your business plan? Your frustration may be because you are not following your business plan or you have not developed one. You are constantly walking around in the dark bumping into things. Turn that light on and get focused with a business plan that points you in the right direction.

What’s your best advice for getting a team together on a shoestring budget? I have a product and a great presentation. I need an assistant, a publicist, etc. The goal is sell my yoga DVD and do speaking engagements all over the world. – Nikki


You give them a small percentage of the financial opportunity, but you put a time frame window on it. Such as they have to stay committed for two years or their percentage of the deal is voided.

I’ve had success thus far promoting a concept trailer for @HTOWNTHEMOVIE. Being that you’ve had much success in Houston as a business man, how do you suggest I market and take my film property to the next level to prospective Executive Producers?

I see you were attached to film Jason’s Lyric, which was the last successful urban film produced in Houston, TX, over 20 years ago. I aspire to be a pioneer and make Houston a film town. Here a link to my trailer. – H-Town TheMovie

H-Town TheMovie,

My favorite show on TV is Ballers starring Dwayne Johnson. I like the premise of your movie, but am I cheering for your lead character? Why should I cheer for him and want to see him be successful?

I am 29 soon to be 30 and I am conflicted to make a choice between my passion and my purpose as both will result in me having to resign my current job and start school full time. The school is in another country. I’ve been having headaches and have been stressing a lot lately. Can you give me some advice? – Kyrie


I was working on a very popular TV show and every morning I would wake up stressed because I knew it was not the place for me. I was afraid to leave because of the money. Finally, I realized that happiness supersedes money. I resigned and took a pay cut to move forward. Now you can stay and be unhappy, or follow your passion with a plan. Kyrie, there are no guarantees, but you have to try!

I just want to know how do you start your own business when everything seems to fail. I’m trying not to give up but living from paycheck to paycheck is so depressing and there is nothing ever left to get anything done! Also how do I write a business plan and straighten out my credit? – Charmell


I am going to first send you some information about how to fix your credit. To fix your credit you have to have discipline. Follow these helpful hints and it will get you back in the road to credit recovery.  This site will help you with your business plan.

Any suggestions for the new entrepreneur? I am feeling overwhelmed with trying to accomplish so many things! – India


I would write down my top five goals each day, and when you reach them it will give you a sense of accomplishment, and also help you become more organized. You are overwhelmed because you are trying to do too much and you have to plan your schedule better. Also, start focusing over a 90 day period.

What are the basic do’s and don’ts when starting up a business? Thanks – Karyn


The number #1 do is to have a business plan. Expect to work more than 8 hours a day, and have ample parking space for your customers.

I am a media/marketing specialist and live in Charleston,SC. When doing promotions and campaigns, it is tough making contact with individuals, especially now with social media. Folks are tending to limit their access to a degree, while others are making themselves readily more available.

What are some of your suggestions in making direct and meaningful contacts with managers/agents etc. of the people you can’t get to directly? – Kurt


It is all about the pitch! It is also about what messages you are sending out socially as your brand. Finally, you should only contact people who would care about what you are pitching.

How can I take my acting career to the next level? I reside in Atlanta & right now I’m building my acting resume with indie films & theatre. So far I’ve earned 1 IMDB credit. I also wanted advice on finding a mentor to help provide suggestions on navigating through this industry because sometimes I feel stuck. – Melanie


If you are serious you need to move to Los Angeles. There are not enough opportunities to build a career in Atlanta.