What 3-5 books would you recommend an entry-level entrepreneur have in their arsenal? The field is radio-talk show host. No experience in radio, but experience in health and fitness. An opportunity has opened up and I know without a shadow of a doubt God has ordered my steps! – Beverly


Develop your radio skills through podcasts. Develop your talk show skills through YouTube. No one is looking for the next Arsenio Hall or Steve Harvey; they are looking for the next you. You have to be yourself. Now, if you slur your words or have a heavy twang, you will need to work on that, but be the best you!

We went through a rough time a while back but now we’re rebuilding our lives. My husband and I have a trucking company and we want to know which is the best way to build credit? We have a few credit cards but we need installment accounts of some kind to help build our credit up. Do you recommend any particular way of going about this?

Also, we have a large amount of money saved up to buy a new step deck trailer, do you think we should buy it out right? Thank you for your insight and guidance. – Mary


If you can buy the big purchase with 50% down and pay the rest back on a monthly plan, use that purchase to rebuild your credit! Remember that rebuilding your credit won’t happen overnight. Another idea is to put $1,000 down and get a secure credit card from the bank. This will help rebuild your credit.

Would you consider having a talent search or casting call back home? – Ray


On October 2nd & 3, we are holding an Entertainment Empowerment Tour in Houston. See details by clicking here.

I’m checking in to verify if you have any information available about the process to have a novel adapted into a movie. I am the author of a novel titled, “The Secrets We Keep.” – Tavetta


You have to create a relationship with a screen writer.

How do you get companies from out of town to sponsor a nonprofit organization? – Jocelyn


Just because you are passionate about your causes does not mean other companies have the same zest. You have to focus on companies that share your non-profit vision. The biggest mistake that most people make is they think a company should automatically want to help and that is not the case.

I am interested in furthering my craft as a business strategist. Do you offer any mentorship opportunities or are there any organizations/people you would suggest I connect with? – Tonia


You can join online groups that support your mentality. I am not in a position because I am too busy. You want someone to mentor you that has time.

What are the three three primary concerns that an angel investors expect to have answered from an entrepreneur during the first meeting? – LoResa


The number one thing is to see a business plan. The second and third are references and work history. Do not forget the business plan!

How can I have a non-profit club and collect membership? – Catman


Collecting membership fees has nothing to do with your non-profit status. If the fees help raise money for your charity, there shouldn’t be a problem. If the fees do not go toward your charity, there may be a problem.

I’ve done as you asked seeking an entertainer attorney to help me attain that celebrity face to advance my business. What’s the best way or ways to draw traffic to my affiliate business? – Orlando


Your celebrity face needs to do radio, web, tv commercials on your behalf. They need to promote your company on all of those platforms. Sign a personal services agreement with your talent.

My husband is an amazing Software Engineer that specializes in apps for iPhone. He has a a some really innovative ideas for the entertainment and music industries and a few local clients are currently utilizing them.

He would like to expand to more markets. How can he better market himself for this and how does he determine appropriate price points? Here is his business website.  – Mari 


To expand his market, he needs to establish himself as the app king. Use social media to promote; reference the people that use his apps as his talking points. As for setting prices, call around to see what other people charge for their app.