Hi Mr. McDonald I’m passionate about being a motivational speaker I have been doing some small things but how can I really get out there? – Taylor


What are you doing on social media? Are you posting snippets of your speaking? Show people that you can motivate.

What are the top 3-5 habits that you’ve adopted that have contributed to your success? – Mike


Taking full advantage of the hours in 24 hours, building relationships, and recognizing my own talents and what they can do for me.

When seeking mentorship what are the top 3 to 5 things should one look for in a mentor? – Dejaneiro


Make sure the person you are asking has the time to mentor you, has the desire to mentor you, and has the desire to see you be successful. Time and desire is the key. Don’t worry someone into a commitment either. That would be a bad move.

I have a jewelry business which is doing well. I am considering going to a mobile platform app for my business. Do you have any suggestions on inexpensive app developers. – Patrice


A good app developer will cost you a minimum of $40K and they have to maintain maintenance and updates on your app. You will always be upgrading your app, so you will be constantly paying for the upgrades. Plus they have develop the app to work on the android and apple platforms

I am and independent artist and I’m trying to find ways to attain investors to help me start my record label. What is the best way to do that? Or what other way could you advise me to attain capital to start my record label? – Davares


Crowd Funding is one of the best ways to try and get investments in to your record label. Please check out this website. If they ask for money run!

How can an online radio show or online tv show get syndicated like a major radio show? – Shettima


In order to get syndicated you have to have a following that would justify any interest in TV or Radio.

I was wondering how you feel about investing in penny stocks? – Lisa


Penny stocks are speculation stocks and you should only invest a small amount if you are interested. Only invest in any stock after you have done your proper valuations.

What is the secret to mastering the art of patience when you have limited resources? – Michael


The secret to mastering patience is to stop listening to other people and stick with your original plan of being focused and flexible. My friends and family members would have had me quit a long time ago, but I did not listen to them and I keep my faith in God and worked hard with a plan that kept me honest and open about setbacks and opportunities.

I’m in the seasoning/spice business. I make an all purpose season. It is all natural, low sodium, no msg, and gluten free. It’s in my local Whole Foods Market stores. My sells are alright but not where I would want them for a product I believe in and it has a lot of health benefits too. I never had a mentor/coach before and I’m sure what I’m doing right or wrong. I was wondering if you know of anyone in that industry that can be of some help Sir. – Tay


I shop in Whole Foods and everything looks the same. Hopefully your packaging colors stand-out. The best example of success for your product is to post weekly cooking sessions online using your product facebook or Youtube. Invite people to share these videos to expand your brand.

What is the best way to seek out a ghost writer or literary agent to get my book completed, marketed and out for sale in a 12 month time frame with a decent amount of capital to get the project completed? – Andrea


I am sure that you have seen books written by writers. Well these writers have agents. If you like their style, please contact their representations. Please do not use a friend or somebody who states they can write to work on your book. You a quality writer and editor!