It’s an Unstoppable Day Mr. McDonald.

I love this forum. My question is how to deal with feeling under appreciated & not supported by your family, friends and peers even though I feel like I’m walking in my purpose? -Terrance from Chicago, IL


Why are you wasting energy on convincing people that what you want to do will make you happy? There are people who question my success story every day and I just walk around. In fact, I have used their negative spirit as motivation. It’s important to know that people complain when they don’t understand. It’s also important that you don’t spend a lot of time justifying your dream. Overcoming the disappointment is what makes you stronger. I’m not happy every day, but my competition won’t know it.

Me and my husband are black farmers in Florida. It’s very difficult in the agricultural industry being a minority but we are determined to make a difference in our communities, the families and eventually an even wider area by providing healthy, nutritious food at an affordable cost. We believe that choosing a healthier lifestyle should not be too expensive or unobtainable. We are small at this point but we would like to make a greater impact by expansion but funding has been an obstacle. We did not want the additional burden of loans. How do we broaden our market reach on limited funds? We grow most seasonal vegetables and some fruit. We have opened the farm for u-pick opportunities but we plan to make it available more often especially when the pecans are ready to harvest. A small farmers market on the property is planned in the near future. -Caria


When you do these things (u-pick, farmers market, etc.) make sure you post on social media about it. I would fine it to be a joy to come on your property with my family and pick organically safe farm products. This is an event for the entire family to personally harvest their own meals. A farmers market will be a big hit and you can sale booth space for other fresh food vendors too. I love it.

I’m thinking about becoming a real estate agent…is this a good move? -Michelle


I would only advise this if this what you want to do. Do not pursue a career based on money, pursue it based on opportunity and long term happiness. Being a realtor is a very competitive field. Rejection, frustration and disappointment is high!

I would like your advice on how to start a side business while keeping my day job, with aspirations of eventually being able to focus on the side business only.
-L. from Cleveland, OH


Let’s not call it a side business. In order to be successful in anything part-time or full-time there must be 100% commitment. This falls under the heading of time management. Good time management allows you to build a full time career and develop a successful part-time opportunity. If it’s a business please get your business plan together. Set aside a schedule you can win with!

Good Morning,

I have a quick question. I am a film casting director in Louisiana and I had a producer contact me recently. He stated that he had several questions to ask me regarding his project, but had not decided on making a decision on who he will use as his casting director for his project. He stated that his executives are considering and leaning on using another casting director for their project. Of course at that moment, I had to sell myself and my company. After pitching, he decided not to ask me any questions, but at what point, do you not allow discomfort to show without being unprofessional? Believe me, it was an intense pitch. -Chapman from Lafayette, LA


You did what you were suppose to do. You hit him with your best elevator pitch. But in the end they may be using a casting director from a previous production. Which is what I would do if I had the decision making power. Maybe you could participate as the local casting agent for the production. That is something that they would need. I would have emphasized my access to the best regional talent available. Don’t fret, this is one of many great opportunities that will come your way.

I am currently in the medical field. I have been assisting, mentoring and advising successfully for friends, their children, and their friends for free. How do I make it lucrative? Where can I start to get more exposure with speaking? -Rosie


Before you jump out there, how many people are you talking about that you have advised and what were the results of your advice? I would begin by creating a testimonial page for your website and Facebook page.

If you were to create an 10 item checklist to starting a business. What would that list look like? -Sharon from Houston, TX

There is only one item you need on that checklist and that is a business plan. You shouldn’t start a business without one and when you create one, it will answer all of your checklist points.

I need advice regarding my less than perfect credit score. Will it affect my starting a nonprofit organization? Also will my starting a nonprofit organization reinstate my student loan? It was discharged after my disability. -Tasneem


Your credit will not hurt you starting a nonprofit, but it can hurt you in trying to gain sponsors.

Good morning and thank you for taking questions.

I have a full time job but also own a small accounting company where I can do everything it takes to run a company (setting up LLC’s, to producing financial statements,to running payroll in any state). With my busy schedule at work, it us hard to give my business the time and dedication needed to grow. I would like to know your advice on how to grow my business to the point where I can leave my full time job (that’s my ultimate goal). -CeCe


You just need to set aside specific days to focus on your accounting business. You are struggling with time management and the only way it will be achieved successfully is to plan work at specific hours on set days. The days may even include the weekend. I feel you got a plan, now you have to prepare the time.

Good morning Rushion McDonald.
After re-evaluating my first year in business, I continue to ask myself if I need investors in order to have a successful company? Do small businesses need investors and loans in order to move at the pace other ongoing businesses and companies are moving? If you didn’t have the finances that you currently do, would you have reached out to banks in order for you to have made your cooking company move faster or would you just use your patience and continue building? My company’s name is JTIES. I am 26 and would value any advice you have in order for me to make my bowtie company successful! -Jibri


You are 26. Please be patient and build your brand through good pricing, excellent product and great service. You can lose with those three staples. But you are gonna lose because you are in a hurry. Slow down and build your business brick by brick.