I am an entrepreneur with a secretarial services and I’ve been in business for 3 years and have had maybe 10 clients with 2 being permanent. How can I get my name out there to companies who are looking to outsource and save money with having a virtual assistant? Thanks. -Quara from Bartow, FL


You are not promoting your virtual assistant business on your Facebook page (personal profile). You have a picture of a Minion. That has nothing to with your business. Start consistently branding yourself on all of your social media platforms. You can win and grow if you tell people who you are consistently. You should also join Linkedln and register your business in online local search engines for google and bing.

Good morning.

I’d like to know how to vet serious investors. I’ve been approached by some that do not have my best interest at heart. My ex-husband and I had a catering business together and as a result of the divorce, I walked away and am starting over on my own. I prepare healthy meals for busy families and also empower women by teaching them how to cook for their families. I’m looking to open my own storefront so that I can reach more families and will also have a central location for my classes. Thank you in advance for any advice that you may give. -Toya from Kennesaw, GA


Do you have the money to open your own storefront? Have you ever given to the thought of a food truck? It can allow you to have a storefront and build your catering business. My nephew has built his business by renting a small space on a retail parking lot with his food truck stand and his catering has grown too.

My husband is an excellent cook. He cooks good food that he learned how to make from his homeland. He has often thought of having a small business. He’s made homemade tamales, fresh chicharrones, carnitas, and so on….I keep telling him to try to sell a plate of food, just the way he makes it at home, but he’s a bit hesitant. What advice can you offer? -Gloria from Leipsic, OH


You have the passion. Your husband has the talent. I would tell you to set down and create a menu for a restaurant. This will help you and him see the vision and also the amount of work that will be involved. Also you should create a business plan. This will also show you how much work is involved. Your local SBA can help you with the business model.

Good morning Rushion,

I am a licensed real estate sales professional who just started a real estate firm with my broker, whom is an attorney. I have been trying to figure out how to generate a large clientele base. What are the top 5 things, in chronological order, I would need to do, in order to have a successful business? We both want to start out strong and I know humbling ourselves to learn from someone like you, and individuals you’ve helped to further their brands. You are inspirational. Please help us, we both thank you in advance. -Khemeka


Thank you for chatting with me this morning. Set a consistent game plan and follow through. Here are my top five recommendations:
1) Put a picture of your business on a popular local moving truck company.
2) Get your website setup
4) Update your business in online search engines in the local directories such as Google My Business, and Bing Places for business.
4) Set up a profile on Linkedln, Facebook and Twitter.
5) Advertise in remodeling magazines.

Mr. Rushion McDonald,

When building a brand through social media, without creating two different pages, should I eliminate picture posts of family/friends and just post about my book and events about my book? I understand to not post negative post or anything that will hurt my brand, but can I still post pictures that express myself & things that I believe in? -Kitria from Houston, TX


Your brand is not your family or personal life. Your brand is your business. So I would only have one social media page and it would be about your brand and you motivational thoughts. Please remove all personal pictures that do not move your brand forward.

Hello Mr. Rushion,

I was how can we change the thought process of people getting frustrated from hearing the word “no?” Yet their attitude tends to be really bad. When you try to tell them there’s a better way they don’t want to hear it. I don’t want to believe people can’t change. -Rufus from Cleveland, OH


Everybody has their own way of dealing with rejection. “No” is simply a word. The power that it carries is created by the person who is saying it and the person who is accepting it. I truly understand that rejection and “No” is part of the path to success. So the best way to accept and handle the word “No” and rejection is to accept the fact that it will happen. Also you can handle the word “No” a lot better if you prepare for it.

Good morning,

I graduated college with a BS in Accounting in 2009. At that time, I was working and making 70k so I did not pursue looking for a different job because I did not want to lose my salary. Well, it is seven years later, I have realized my job is a dead end, and I’m very unhappy. There’s no room for growth and if my boss dies tomorrow I’m out of a job. I’m 46 and really at a crossroads to quit and look for something else that is more challenging. Is that a good idea or am I having a mid life crisis? Please help. Thank you!
-Melitha from Freeport, NY


I think you should consider going to night school to expand your horizons and you need to meet different people. Your biggest problem is that you are talking to the same people everyday and living in the same rut. You need to look outside of your world for other opportunities. You are still very young and you need to get an assessment of you value. You cannot go to work every feeling that this could be your last day. That is not fun, so you need to gather yourself and gain control of your life and your brand. You are an accountant, and that is a very valued position in today’s financial society.