Mr. McDonald,

I am a real estate investor that also sells the education that goes with selling real estate. I would like to know how to take it to a higher level? How do I reach people that want to go to a higher level in life? -Loden from Irving, TX


Are you pitching people on how to flip homes for a profit or how to sell homes? Either way, you can use radio to setup seminars and charge people a fee and they get your book or manual transmission for free. Radio is truly direct marketing and not expensive. Select a nice hotel with a small conference room!

Good Morning Sir!

Quick question! When someone sends you a reel, what are the specifics that you look for? Thanks for all you do! -Keshia


I enjoy getting reels and each reel serves it own purpose. The first thing I look for is the quality, how much content that this person is participating in the provided scenes on the reel, personality and your look. Amateur TV appearances are an immediate turnoff. I’d rather you create monologues or scenes with your acting partner.

Mr. Rushion,

Please elaborate on the pros and cons of having a family oriented business opposed to a partnership as you see it. -Lydia


I started my comedy club in Houston with my family. I could not have made it without their help. I always paid them some money and when I started making more money I increased their pay. The key in the relationship is respect and professionalism. I never treated them like family or employees. We shared a dream for success and my #1 demand was strong customer service.


I have a few potential investors for some of my new projects. Do you have any advice on dealing with investors? Should I offer a percentage of net profits or an annual rate of return? -Heddrick from Queens, NY


Please provide your investor a percentage of your net profits. When you get paid, they should get paid. It keeps them happy and most importantly…vested.

Hey Mr. Rushion McDonald,

I will be having a book signing on July 3rd at the Essence Festival for my book, Freddie Gray, My Childhood Friend.

I have flyers to pass out the day before during the festival & hours before. I have the books of course, some book marks, and business cards. I can only bring a maximum of 40 books. Do you have any other tips or advice that I can use for this book signing? -Gloria from Atlanta, GA


You have all the tools to sell your forty books. Stay upbeat and remember this is your brand that you are building.

Hi Mr. McDonald,

My passion is empowering and uplifting women. I was married to an NFL player and started over again after our divorce. Should I start a non-profit, and become a life coach? There are so many avenues pertaining to becoming a life coach that charge astronomical fees though a license is not necessary. Can you advise me on how to start? -K from East Orange, NJ


What is your brand and who are you trying to reach? Tony Robbins had people walking on hot coals and they burned their feet. So who are you motivating?

I have judgements against me, so will I ever be able to open up a personal bank account? If not, then what will be my options? Thank you! -Brandie

It’s time you go to a bank create a relationship. You can open a bank account or an account at a credit union. But you need to start communicating with the people in the bank. Tell your problem and ask them how they can help your life.

Are flea markets good for new entrepreneur? -Kendric from Columbia, SC


Before there was social media there were flea markets and street festivals. I would definitely participate in them and promote your appearance at flea markets on social media.

I am the owner of Phylasensual All Natural Body Oils. Would social media be good for my business? I mix my own oils. -Phyllis from Botswana, South Africa


Marketing on social media should be your number#1 priority. It’s free and followers can share your advertisement.

Forgive the interruption, but can I please have a pan of your mac & cheese? -Deborah from Atlanta, GA


I don’t consider you an interruption. You know what is important to you right now and it’s that mac and cheese. The recipe is on my Perfect Bake App. I am scheduling a “Baking Like A Man” tour this fall and would love to deliver it personally.