As a rising business person, how would I go about starting clothing line? I know that it takes money to make money but where should I put that money, to insure that I’m getting the best of my investment? i am not currently selling clothes but i plan to. My issue is, I have no idea how to start it. I know i need material, someone to make the clothes and someone to put my vision on paper. Yet i have no clue of where to start. – Trejah


If you have an eye for fashion you need to go to a boutique store with some friends and dress them with your fashion touch. Start a weekly segment on your facebook page about what wear and why? Wrong day look. What to wear to church? Good nightclub look? Wrong nightclub look? Have fun! Start establishing your brand.

How do you manage/balance your business time to personal time? Being focused on what I am doing sometimes prevents me from doing other things. I’ve gotten a ear full a few times about not having time from my Aunt. – Janét


Can you involve your Aunt in your business? When I started my comedy club. I had family members working the door, bar and seating people. I also allow one sister to review my TV pitches to keep her in the loop emotionally. There is a limited window to accomplish your dreams, so focus and hard work is important. Aunt has to be understanding. The other side is that you are important part of her life too.

I am an entrepreneur and small business owner who has a passionate focus on advocacy and awareness. I have launched a social awareness campaign in which I have also taken the initiative to honor amazing advocates like Mr. Harvey and other philanthropists who take strides in changing the future and empowering our youth. I have created an in-kind donation package in recognition and support of the Steve Harvey Mentoring Program that includes an original painting, posters, and bookmarks for the young men and staff attending the camp this week. Packaged and ready to ship – how would you recommend getting these items to him? Thank you, I appreciate any assistance you may be able to provide in order to get these time sensitive materials to the camp. – Rebekah


Please email She can assist you with any mentoring camp information.

Ok so everything went from sugar to s**t in one month! Ugh! I had three events cancel and two people to try to send me fraudulent checks! I have invested all my savings and now am literally down to the last dime. I don’t know which direction to turn. I dont know whether to get a job or what…I NEED A PRIVATE CHEF GIG AND I AM WILLING TO TRAVEL!! – Amber


Maintaining a full time job while pursuing your dream is not a bad idea. I worked at IBM for 5 years and did Stand-Up comedy at night, before I left and I still struggled. I left IBM in 1986 and didn’t get a writing gig until 1993. So there were hard times on the road and with a lot of prayer and tears.

I finished my sizzle and a treatment to do a show. Right now it’s in the hands of a few people. My partner has a line with Bravo and it was given to them along with a few others.. We have a few bites but I want to dot my eyes and cross my T’s – Debra


If Bravo buys your TV show. They will connect you with an Executive Producer. So focus on the pitch and the production company or the network will handle the rest.

My name is Mr. Carmen Garner author and illustrator of From That To This. My book is geared towards at risk teens and tweens. It’s a strategy guide to help our youth. I’m self published, so I do everything on my own, my question is who would I need to talk to to get my powerful story onto shows like Steve Harvey, Ellen, Queen Latifah, OWN etc. I am a Visual Art Teacher in Washington DC. So to hire someone to guide me will probably break the bank.. My story is absolutely amazing and at risk teens and tweens should hear it. – Carmen


You have to pitch your idea to the producers on the TV show, Every Talk Show website has a section where you can submit TV topics or ideas. All Talk Show like Dr Oz, Steve Harvey or Dr Phil are looking for ideas to create segments on the show.

I bought an existing business from a widower but had to make some changes and my capital ran out. Who or where can I go to get a small minority business loan? Most places want pass year earning statements which I produced from the previous owner 1099 but it wasn’t from my 1099 because of the name change and federal ID etc.? – Valjean


Have you tried site like these?

I had the opportunity of meeting and chatting with Bono from U2 last night. It was surreal. I told him about my goals regarding public speaking. He seemed impressed and supportive of my goals. How do I maintain relationships with people who have fortunes without being intimidated by their wealth and power? I don’t want to owe anyone anything that I’m not willing to work for myself. – Renard


If have to show him that you are a man of action. I run into a lot of people talk the game, but miss the opportunity, because they keep asking me what to do and don’t attempt to resolve their on problem. That is how you run off successful people. Don’t burden them with your problems, they will help you build your plan!

What is the best way to figure out your life’s purpose or to figure out what you really want to do in life? What i am really passionate about is already so saturated on my island. So i been looking for business opportunities that have not graced our shores. Is that a good way of coming up with a business concept? – Precious


They told me that I was not funny as a comedian and that the odds of me making it out of the ghetto weighed against any success. I said no to all of those people. I become an excellent comedian, I become a great TV and Radio producer and I built the career of Steve Harvey TV. So at least attempt to try what you want to do first, but you need to find out if that is really your passion. My passion I would to create and produce TV, radio and events. Not telling jokes as stand-up comic!

I WILL see my dream on screen. As a first time director/producer, (of a movie, I have done a stage play) if I have to do it independently what are the first steps? Should I tour the stage play version to get buzz? Should I send the HOT theme song that I was singer/songwriter on to radio stations? – Shirelle


First you need to get a budget what it is going to cost to do your project. That project allows you research the location for your potential production.