What is the very first step to starting a business from home? I have a product I would like to sale but I’m not sure what’s the first correct step to make? – Donnetta


Who are you doing today? Initially, you need to decide what you want to do, draw up a business plan, and register your business. It must be a profitable business that can be done at home. Also, make sure you have the right equipment and marketing plan. You are your boss and your servant. I look forward to your success!

What are your top 3 steps you’d give to someone looking to pursue other endeavors/dreams other than where they are currently working? For someone who is unable to leave their current position & has a couple hours a day to dedicate to this ‘new’ career. The new career is not in the same industry. – Mary 


You can do a lot in 24 hours, not just two hours. I feel that you are limiting your chances. When you are making a career decision, then you have to start using the 24 Hours clock. I went to bed to wake up! I got enough sleep and with my passion and determination I survived! Mary you are a survivor too, just use more hours in that 24 hour clock. I look forward to your success!

I am a Relationship Expert who has appeared on television and radio in my local area, and on a national & international level. However, I’d like to know how I can appear on syndicated radio shows’– such as Steve Harvey’s— and TV. Yes, I have a book, videos, etc., but I lack the connections & resources to broaden my brand & message on a higher level. Here’s one interview of many. I am this station recurring analyst, so I can send more, if needed. – Denyce 


We do not start taping the Talk Show again until August, but the producers return in July. Please contact me in July so I can assign you to a TV producer. I look forward to your success. Can you email me a link of one of your TV commercials. Also, your clothes are too dark in that video.

I’m transitioning into another career. I have great ideas for tv. How do I pitch them to production companies or networks? I live in Philadelphia. – Lynn


You are close to NY, so there are a lot of production companies that you can pitch your projects.

I recently published my book, Loosed: You can live again through Outskirts Press now available at Amazon.com, Outskirts Press, Barnes and Noble, Books A Million and their affilates. I doubt book signings are as profitable; I now have several professional Press Releases and have advertised to hundreds of thousands through Book Daily, Arcamax, etc. My audience includes adult women and men of all ages. I’m hearing that the old way to locate potential buyers is through Blogging, word of mouth, book signings, Social Media, Ebooks, freebies (aka Giveaways which I have done, etc.). My question: How can I stand out to increase my book sales and what’s the best resource to find out how to do a creative Landing Page for content marketing? – Marlene


The way Steve Harvey Act Like A Lady Think Like A Man book became successful is that we located sound bites from the book and promoted them heavily. Such as 90 Day Rule, Cookie, Sports Fishing and several more. Then we release them and assured our readers that there was more valuable information. Remember Steve was a comedian writing a Relationship book. So we had to be focused and patient. I started promoting Steve’s Book six months before it came out.

Hello Mr. McDonald. Where can I go to pitch a TV or one of my movie scripts? – Omar


You should purchase a book from the Samuel French book store in Hollywood, CA that lists the agents and managers who accept outside scripts.

I want to start a business to help special needs kids families in rural areas in Georgia. Should I go non-profit or profit organization? I have search the process of obtaining a 501(c) it is a very complicated process to me. Also to establish a business name in Georgia.- Shemekia


Please try this site.

I’m am trying to sell one of my home in NC, what is the best route? – Carla


This website should have some excellent tips.

What sacrifices did you make for your dream? Give me one of the most darkest moments and how long did it last? – Randria 


I had to live in another place and not be there for my family on a daily basis. I have a fantastic relationship with my daughter and we talk every day, but I wish I could have been there for her physically every day. God has given me a wonderful child and I feel so fortunate!

When you have an idea for new products what’s the first thing you need to do?? – Holly


You need to produce the product yourself to see if it works and how people will respond to it.