I have a non profit organization that focuses on those individuals that suffer from sickle cell anemia. We are the only non health system based 501c3 aimed at performing as a service coordination and resource center. While we work to break the stereotype surrounding this disease and who it affects, we sort of run into a wall with sponsors and donors. My question is How do you get companies, celebrities, other philanthropist, to invest in your cause if it’s cause specific, without them feeling like they are tying themselves to or branding themselves to a cause that they may feel could hurt them professionally or in some way if it primarily affects one race? – Tonya


I have the sickle cell trait, so I am a big fan of what you are trying to do. Junior – Steve Harvey Morning Show has the the actual disease. He is like a son to me. I really love that young man. The problems that you will encounter the most is that no one knows the actual impact of sickle cell on America. They found a cure for AIDS, because it was publicized and became a mission statement for many people and it impacted America. You have to create a social media campaign that resonates with day to day people. When you impact the emotions of day to day people you will get more people involved and your sponsors or support groups will come!

I’m sure you’ve answered this question many times so here goes it. Like yourself I love making deserts but my specialty is Peach Cobbler and Banana Pudding. How would I start a business selling those two items? – Noel


I was in Chicago last week and I walk into a restaurant. I noticed that they did not have much of a dessert menu. The owner told me that they did not have time to develop that portion of their menu. Out of curiosity I asked them if they would be open the desserts being provided by an outside vendor. The owner stated they would consider it. So for grins I set up a dessert sampling for a friend of mine. They started have dessert Fridays on their menu. They are many small restaurants in your city that can do the same thing. You have to build their trust first and be consistent.

On either yours or Mr. Harveys page there was a video link of Mr. Harvey talking about how you and him got together and you mentioned bringing people up with you on your way to success, my question is how does a person determine who to take with them? Do you go mainly off established talent, potential, need, attitude, closeness? I’ve heard Mr. Harvey say numerous times “everybody that come with you, can’t go with you” – Dale


Everything is about personality, timing and the relationship. I think that I always try to help people, but that doesn’t mean that this is a person that I comfortable about being around me all the time. The bottom line is what do you bring to the table that affects that person’s life, advice? uplift? creates a comfort zone for them? Good conversation? Confidant?

I’ve followed your advice and gotten the money together to shoot the project and I have a meeting this Saturday to speak to someone about a platform to promote it and my books. What ways would you suggest getting any series to new networks looking for content? – Edwyna


Before you spend your money. Has this been pitched to any production or network and what has been the response? You must also create a pitch book that shows 22 different episodes.

I am an aspiring motivational speaker. I have done speaking events for free. How do I book events for pay? Initially I thought I should charge by the hour. But after research I see other professionals are charging thousands. So I’m thinking at least $500-$1000 per event. With that in mind how do establish relationships with corporations will to pay that? – Kedra


This is problem with most speakers. When you are free everybody wants you. When you start charging they start questioning your value. But you have to start charging in order to achieve proper value for you services. those prices are also too high. Remember you were doing this for free. I would start at $250.00

I have a website called ReCertifyMe.com-Your “One-Stop Shop” for Online Continuing Education. I was wondering if you have any ideas of how I can promote or market my site Nationwide and connect with potential investors. We offer online CE courses for 9 different industries: Real Estate CE, Cosmetology, Alcohol & Food Safety, CPA-Accounting, IT etc… – Walter


Congratulations I love what you are doing. Here is a website that has 32 low cost ways to promote your business.

What approach should one take if there are multiple agencies that stand for or support the same cause- have difficulty in seeing the bigger picture through uniting with one strong voice- and looking past individuality? Or is this a lost cause in trying to convince others why unifying serves best? – Tonya


Just because you represent the same cause does not mean you have the same game plan. Here are examples Democrats and Republicans, NACCP and Urban League, Male and Female Greek Organizations. All of these organizations have similar platforms for social change and uplift, but they each have their own agenda. I would communicate to you, to build your own brand and if you get enough notice that they will come to you. Unification only works if both parties share the same vision! I look forward to your success!

As your brand continues to expand, so do the projects you are collaborating on. Each taking on their own identity, also requiring a certain amount of “attention” to successfully launch and maintain. As a multi talented executive producer and community leader with many projects that are continuous/ongoing/annual, how do you determine what new projects to work on and when it is time to to “move to the next?” – Rebekah


I try to look the topical nature of the project and how many venues would be excited to hear about it? How cooperative the person I am working it will be and if they have patience. That is the biggest problem with doing person with no entertainment related people. They think a deal happens very quickly and that is not true. You can pitch a project for six months to different production companies and then they still have to pitch it to a network.

 I am here asking that you check out my page Triangle Pyramid Billiards and look at the video and tell me what you think. I was talking to you before about my dreams of a game show. Have a great day!! – Carlton


Your video needs to be more professional and your attire is not proper for a pitch. You need to add some fun and music to your presentation. Right now it is too float and very boring. You have a great idea, but your video is Dead on Arrival! Please upgrade the video.

I just wanted to ask when an executive producer gets a deal with a network, where do they usually go to find projects, shows, etc.? – Janelle


They are pitched ideas from agencies and talent.