I am the founder of The Walk of Faith Multiple Sclerosis Foundation it’s a 501 c3 charity and I would like to know how can I raise funds through sponsorship? – Dorrell


My 1st question is why would I support your foundation? 2nd question is do you have a website? 3rd questions is your foundation active in social media? These will all help you fundraise.

I just want you to know I have requested Tate Publishing tp contact you about my little brother Jay / I being on The Steve Harvey Show getting our kids book series in front of Diverse audiences. We did ‘News One Now’ earlier this month and want to do more TV. #EJandSis (www.ejandsis.tateauthor.com) has Black main characters / Universal messages for All kids. Every child can relate to Every book in this series. As this 1st book gets out in front of the people, it will be a straight Success. Doing whatever it takes to get this series in front of Diverse audiences. Your audience is where this book deserves to be. – EJ


We currently wrapped with the Talk Show production. Please reconnect with me in August and I will give the address to one of the Talk Show’s producers. You can also go to www.steveonwatch.com and submit your question to be a guest on the Talk Show.

I recently wrote a children’s book and I just received a contract from a publishing house. Of course, there is a cost to have this book published, but I was wondering if I should accept the contract or try to self publish? If you know of any resources, please advise-:) For the record, I am an English Professor with a strong background in writing and editing… I know the book IS a winner, just need to share it with the world. – Vee


Why is there a cost to have your book published. You might as well do it yourself. Working withAmazon.com which has been very successful for Patrice C Washington. She now has a book deal with Harper Collins.

I am a video editor/videographer. I live in a small city. One of the BIGGEST problems that I face is, people don’t want to pay for the work. They want something for Nothing. Whenever, I quote a price, I often hear, “I’ll get back to you later, or they will say, “I thought it would be much cheaper.” Im ALWAYS getting offers to do work, but I often find myself “NEGOTIATING MY PRICE!” What can I do? I know my worth, BUT I KEEP SETTLING! – Courtney


You have to set a price for the market that you are working. The first statement, I live in a small city. You did not say Silicon Valley. So you should call around and see what your competition is charging. Finally, how close are you to a big city?

I am an author being published for the first time. How can I verify the going rate for compensation and royalties? How can I track and verify that book sales and royalty payments to me are being made correctly? Are there any other suggestions or advice that you would offer to me as an author? – Sharon


In your contract you should have the right to audit and verify all of your sales. The going rate can vary based on your deal. If you are popular and have a means to promote your book, then you can get a more favorable rate. But since you have already signed your deal I am assuming that you were happy with the offer.

What are some other ways we can do to raise money to patent our Hot New Toy Idea? – Remonac


Crowd funding is a very popular way of getting capital investment. Please visit this site and keep me posted. My best friend’s daughter raised money to produce her NYU student film through crowd funding.

From your experience in the industry, is it better to have a product (such as video) and ask for Corporate Sponsorships and Endorsements to cover costs to develop more for their brand OR is this video better used as an example to sell myself (as a Producer)? I have many concepts for video content that could be adapted for any brand. Am I actually selling myself or the concepts? Thanks so much.  – Vanessa 


The video is nice, but I have seen this done better and a lot on TV already. So you are not breaking new ground. Develop these videos to show your creativity, right now you are pitching what is already on the table or been seen before!

Did you have fears of rejection on projects or product ideas?If so how did you over come them?If not any suggestions?I’m a cheerleader for others but I hold myself back! – Arthel


The fear of rejection is tied to everything. Even Steve Harvey and Jay Z are not 100% confident. Use the fear to motivate yourself to give 100%. Tie up all loose ends on your projects. Ask yourself why you are afraid and see if you can overcome that by being prepared. If you end up getting rejected, don’t let it get you down. It is part of the process.

I attended a powerful comedy conference last week. What is your advice on holding oneself to task in implementing the inspirations attained at such an event? Do you have any specific practices that you use in placing these nuggets into action? – Kathy


Only use the practices that impacted you emotionally and affected you personally. Those are the things that you need to follow and implement.

How do I bounce back due to serious health issues? I worked in the entertainment field of which I enjoyed, however dealing with the stress or individuals that caused high stress levels. I want to pursue a new business, less stressful floral, catering, gift or novelty boutique. Hope this makes since that’s why I’ve been apprehensive to take advantage of this opportunity. – Valerie


Do not be afraid to make a decision. Ask yourself is this opportunity something you really want to do? If you are healthy, take advantage of the opportunity.