I have a book that I’ve written and self published about being mentored by Bill Cosby..a very positive experience with a subtextual message that I believe would be great for young people to hear..I’ve interviewed on some local and internet radio as well as a syndicated TV program Arise360…But I need to reach a broader audience especially since there is no other book out that expresses a positive experience with Mr. Cosby, that I know of…I sent you the book. “Power was my mentor” on amazon as well. – Art


I don’t have the book. But right now Bill Cosby is not being received well by the media. There are over 40 women claiming that he drugged and raped them. At this time you cannot cut this much negative media to promote your book. Bill Cosby cannot even help you promote your book. I have met Bill Cosby and sat down and talked with BIll Cosby, so I know his positive spirit. But trying to promote a positive book about your relationship with him is not going to work right now.

What method or practice would you use to reboot or re-ignite your team’s enthusiasm on a project that’s been stalled due to unforeseen circumstances? My A project team of 5 has been stalled for 6 months. – Darlene


This is still very fresh. I would create a relaunch brainstorming party. Give everybody an active voice in the relaunch. This cuts down on the negative spirits for the relaunch. Please always use the term we and us in your conversations with them. Let them know that you can only win as a unit.

I found and operate (10 years) an Employee WELLNESS company in General Motors World Headquarters … Will You let me know your thoughts on my website?www.CorpMindBodySpa.comLoResa


I like that you are keeping it simple. But yout fees are low, so your client list has to be higher.

I am in Houston and want to know why no one has opened a Urban Comedy Club that has stayed open more than a yr or so. I would like to Open a viable place for comics to come and hone their craft but be able to earn a living at it too. Whats your advice to me? Would even consider a partnership with you. – Darrell 


I am out of the comedy club business, but Al Freeman and J. Anthony Brown want to be in the comedy club business.

Mr. Rushton how would you go about owning a laundromat? My daughter wants me to go in with her. – Laurie


Why do you want to own a laundromat? Not a big revenue stream.

I have an idea for a game show but don’t know who I would talk to or what to do. – Georgina 


You can contact Freemantle Media. They are the King of Game Shows right now and they will send you a legal form to fill out and then you can pitch your project to them.

While pursuing a career in entertainment, music in my case, budget at times is limited for branding purposes. What suggestions would give in the areas of styling such as, wardrobe, appearance, etc. Also, how should the approach look like when reaching out to venues like Essence, Billboard events, etc? Or should one not reach out in regards to consideration and wait for an invite from well? – Moses


Do not approach Essence or Billboards. They will not call you back if they do not know who you are. Establish your following first. Your social media should be the #1 crowd to help you out. It is free, but consistently devote time to it. Remember that you cannot skip any steps; you have to touch every step on the ladder.

Morning Black cloud! Wanted to know what are the top media areas I should be focused on to advance my ministry. – Jeffrey


Good to talk to someone from my LA radio days where Steve nicknamed me Black Cloud! Social media has to become your #1 platform to develop your ministry. Motivate every morning with inspirational statements and verses. Use that to teach the word of God!

What’s the best way to market a podcast to a tv show to obtain a guest appearance? – Mike


You guys are very early. Do not be in a rush to greatness. Right now you are building your relationship and chemistry. Continue to build on that and the opportunities will come!

I need first steps. I love to plan corporate/small business conferences and business meetings. How do I translate my love for doing this into a small business for me? – Gwen


You need to start documenting what you are doing on your Facebook and social media pages. You have to start branding yourself, so you can start being considered an authority in your field.