Good morning,

I’m trying to get my cleaning business off the ground….I was wondering what steps I should take to help my self since it’s like I’m all alone with this. I refuse to fail; I want to go from cleaning homes to cleaning for commercial businesses. I feel a little lost but determined to stay focused and beat the odds…thank you and have a wonderful day. -Monique from Los Angeles, CA


This is not about a business plan. You are trying to generate business leads and you have to do it the old fashion way. You have to leave nice colorful notes and flyers on mail boxes in neighborhoods you want to work. Please make sure that you state you are insured. A lot if people don’t state this and the flyers immediately get tossed in the trash.

I would like to be a professional speaker. I have a wonderful informative topic. How do you go about getting speaking engagements? -Pat


The goal of being a professional speaker is all about branding. You have to start marketing yourself as a speaker. This means your Facebook page and all of your social media outlets have branded you as a speaker. Then you have to start creating a resume to get future speaking opportunities. You should start out at churches, community centers, domestic violence centers, rehab centers or twelve step program. These programs generally do not pay, but will provide you with a speaking platform.

Good morning,

Years ago I found my talent in fashion and creativity. I started making jewelry, and have recently been teaching myself how to sew. My ultimate goal is to have a boutique. I know I have the talent, but getting sales and the word out have been the difficult part. What steps can I take to reach my goal? -Cristina from Atlanta, GA


You should throw jewelry parties at your place. Please take pictures of your friends wearing your jewelry and start posting the fun images on social media. Now slow down on the sewing and focus on the jewelry. You have to learn to master a field and not jump around.

Good morning Rushion,

Last year we launched Livable Arrangements, a nonprofit that provides accessibilty modifications for senior citizens & people of all ages with physical disabilities. We are gaining momentum & support, but it’s not enough to have a paid staff which we desperately need. We have received some small grants, but need some real funds to take us to the next level. Any advice you can share? -Lenora from Plano, TX


This is really a good cause. I really don’t understand why you cannot get a volunteer staff that you can count on. Look at a part-time chedule for volunteers, because this is a charity. I would not be pursuing full-time paid help. Promote what you are looking for on your Facebook page. Get people on board who have a passion to help like you do.

Good morning Mr. Rushion,

I have a tax business that I would like to franchise out and need to known how to grow my business through franchising it. -Gloria from Atlanta, GA


In order to franchise you have to create a model that will allow a purchaser of your franchise to recreate success in your original storefront or business. Have you created this software or manual? Will this be a home or office? You also have to create a business plan for the franchise.

How do you move on past failure? -Kendric from Columbia, SC


You move pass failure by not blaming yourself and harping on the “what if’s.” There is no time frame. Allow yourself to feel bad, but do not get consumed by it. Also don’t blame other people for your failure. Finally, you move on when you don’t ask for anything. You just want the strength to get up the next day, so you can move on.

Good morning Rushion McDonald,

I have started a beverage brand. Should I focus on social media brand awareness, or should I concentrate on the standard marketing of spending money and time, giving out sample cans of my product which can be very, very expensive? Thank you. -Bernard


Please use social media and create a gathering and promote everything. You also can do taste tests using Facebook Live. But please do it at a professional level. So many people are doing tacky airings with Facebook Live and it’s hurting their brand.


I have set a nice foundation writing books for the elementary audience. Lately, I have been receiving many requests to write books for teens and young adults.

Do you think I should maintain my target audience or try to expand my catalog?
-Heddrick from Queens, NY


Before you expand your brand outside of elementary reading range, you have to ask yourself “why am I doing this” and “will this new direction hurt my original brand?” My gut is to focus on your current platform until it is automatically making money while you sleep.

Hey there Mr. Rushion…
What are the best ways to build brand recognition and to gain worldwide exposure when large companies want your product, but they also want to ensure that it will sale once placed on retail shelves due to the size of your company at the present time? -Freda


The key to large scale success is distribution. If you don’t have it, it will lead to a frustrated buyer and cancelled contract. If your product becomes popular can you meet distribution demand?

Hello Mr. McDonald.
I am wanting to expand my candy apple and cupcake business through a store front or mobile food truck. What would be your advice on store fronts vs mobile food trucks? Thank you so much! -Jermeria


I would do the mobile truck. You are peddling sweets and it reminds me of the old ice cream truck. I would get a nice speaker system with that mobile truck and hit the neighborhoods and parks. I feel this is a winner. Always make the rounds the same time every day.