Why is it so hard to build a mentorship relationship with an accomplished business professional? I’ve met a few multi-millionaire CEOs and they all seemed to be cold, with very little interest in mentorship. Im not the type to ask for hand outs, guidance and wisdom is all I aspire to obtain. I am the first entrepreneur in my family and it would be nice to have mentorship from someone who has been there and done that. In most cases, I’ve offered free service and assistance to them; I like to bring value as well. Even when I approached them in a servant, “non-taker” manner, it still didn’t seem to stick. I figure that it’s because they have had people mess over them. HOW DO YOU RECOMMEND THAT I APPROACH ONE FOR MENTORSHIP? – I’ve met and talked to you in person and you were very humble and down to earth. I greatly appreciated the time you took to speak with me. I was on the verge of giving up and you give you the push that I needed. – Mike


It is all about time. Before you pop the big “M” question. You need to first develop a relationship with the person you are asking to mentor you. Second, mentoring takes time and people will only make time for people that they care about. I think that the mistake that you are making that you are asking people to mentor that don’t really care your goals or dreams. Develop a relationship and you will find the right person. Also just because they are successful does not mean that they will make a good mentor for you.

I used to be a very good limousine driver (I even drove you a few times), however, I opened my own Mobile Auto, Boat and Small Aircraft Detail Business and I’d like to approach some of the past clients to serve them for their Detailing needs. What would be the best approach? – Adi


Do you have their contact information. If you do, then you created a relationship. I would create a nice banner about my business and text it to them. It should have special on it and remind them that they played a significant role in your new business life. Let them know that they inspired and this is just a small token of thanks. Once you do great work, then they will hire back at your regular rate.

Do you think it would be smart for me, to start my web-page before my business get up and running? – Latasha


If your business is going to be driven by your web page, then you have to build your website. Also building out your website will help you outline your overall business structure better. A website can be the key to a strong early start.

I am the founder of The Walk of Faith Multiple Sclerosis Foundation it’s a 501 c3 charity and I would like to know how can I raise funds? Thanks in advance! – Dorrell


Have you created a sponsorship deck that describes your program and the different levels of financials for you charity? I would start there.

I have a passion for poker do you believe you can turn poker into a career? – William


You obviously don’t watch ESPN. Poker is one of the most popular careers in the world. So yes you can turn in your poker passion in to a career.

I’m working to take my real estate career to a higher level into commercial real estate development. Obviously it takes a substantial amount of capital to operate on that level. My questions is: what do banks, private equity firms, and lenders look for to qualify me and my company for a partnership on projects? My personal credit history? Company track record? Etc? – Joseph


This is about return on the investment. So the importance part of the conversation is the business plan. If investors see an opportunity to make money, then they will invest. I invested in my brothers 3rd beauty salon in DC, because he presented me with a business that logically showed a nice profit margin.

I invest in gold. I spend time education persons in the economic diversification importance of gold and precious metals I also move money for clients into gold I’m looking to take this to another level in the celebrity sector what is the best route in attaining a celebrity face for my business? – Orlando


This is called a personal services agreement. You need to identify the talent that you are interested in and contact their representative. Now they are going to want some background information on your company. your presentation has to be strong or it will come across as a scam. Do you know how many people have approached me and Steve with jewelry and gold deals. Instant riches. So you can make it happen. You just have to present an offer in writing and stop verbally pitching. it must be submitted by your attorney.

I am looking for a way to share the scholarship program….it is an awesome program where any parent can obtain a guaranteed scholarship for their children. It’s Advance Benefits of America owned by Rashun Page.I need advice on how to share this with my community. Mr. M. Hill also mentioned the program to you. – India


Please contact Theresa Price at National College Expo. Did you speak to her at the State FarmNeighborhood Awards Expo? Her contact number is 951-453-2077

How do you pitch your idea for a television series? – Joann


You should be able to tell someone your idea in less than three sentences. That is called a logline. If you cannot do that, then you are not ready to pitch your idea.

I host a cable access tv show here in Gary In. The name of the show is “Simply Suzette”. I would like to know how to take my show to the next level of national network viewing and branding for “Suzette”. I would welcome any advice and information to make my dream come to fruition. Here is a link to my very first show all produced and edited at our cable TV access station. Also, here’s the trailer I created for my TV show – Suzette


Your studio set will never allow you to grow, because it looks like a local access TV show. Take your interviews to local restaurants or outdoor location. It will up the production quality of your production and take your show to the next level.