What is the best approach to take when having the opportunity to talk business with a famous person in the industry that could help you career? – Shana


Please be able to pitch your project in three sentences. Also, famous people are not the decision makers, so you should always observe the people standing in the shadow. That is where the agents and managers hang out. They generally have more time to talk.

In every new venture you take on, walk me through your initial thoughts. What mental steps do you take? – Abrams


My first thought is why am I doing it. My second thought is do I have time for it. My third thought is what is the upside of success for this venture. Abrams Emily, You cannot jump into any venture without proper planning and foresight.

Does one really need capital to start a business? – Irvin


You need a business plan first. This business plan will tell you how much capital you need to start your business.

As an aspiring artist, how do you know when its time to hire a manager? Is it wise to use a loved one to do it? If so, do they have to be proficient in the industry? – Shana


Hire someone who is passionate about you and your dreams They should also have some experience in the business. But before you hire them, they should set up plan for you as to how they are going to grow your career. It cannot be based on hope and prayer! My best friend was my first manager. I quit my job at IBM based on his faith in me. Just months after I quit he went back to his job. He had not experience and was not prepared for any struggle. He also had not connections in the business.

I’ve always been a little confused about which accounts help your money grow? – Veronica


That is truly a big statement. There are a lot of ways to save money. Bank Savings accounts, IRAs, SEPS, CDs or Whole and Universal Insurance policies.

What’s the best way to market a kid that talks sports? – LaQueta


You should create a podcast and also do live Periscope Chat with his fans, so you can build a solid fan base.