I am a freelance makeup artist and I love what I do because I feel that it speaks volumes beyond making up a face, it’s ministry in my eyes. I have trouble with staying consistent and really getting on the ball with it. What are some things that you would suggest that I do to stay motivated, so that I can stop stopping? I would definitely love your advice on this. – Autumn


First in your business there is always going to be slow down unless you establish a relationship with a very active entertainer or agency. But when you are active is when you should be promoting yourself the most. You really need to brand yourself more on your Facebook page as a business and always take pictures of your work. Finally enjoy your work more and you will not have these slow downs. You talented, so please start consistently promoting it. Life is good.

I’m personally a rebel against the corporate system and rather own my own business and be my own bank and raise my own garden and even try to live off grid. I am an artist of sorts and my passion is writing. My focus on one thing daily is impossible. I despise routine. So tell me how can I without a degree in anything, make a career writing? – I am a naturally gifted poet, and due to my studious studies of life universally, I believe I can bring harmony into a world of chaos. I also have a vision of doing photography and traveling. I just don’t know how to begin. I tend to feel overwhelmed and lay no ground. I so desperately need advice on how to make reachable goals. I use Internet as my platform. – Erica


First you should use your Facebook page to start displaying your photo skills. Each photo should mean something to you, so start describing them when you post on Facebook page. You develop your talents based on people’s reaction. You are sitting on your talents, so let me know when you start posting your photos and stop writing about them. You can build your brand right here on facebook. Life is good.

We never finished our conversation about my doll business. What’s my next step? I’m selling cloth dolls online at kenJaDolls.com. It’s a family business. My mom has been sewing them by hand for years and I felt there is a market for them by people’s reactions. – Jay


Great. I love it. But that needs to be a part of your marketing strategy. Let people know that is family owned. Also you need to post on this site that host speciality items like yours. https://www.etsy.com/ It is very popular and I wish you much success. Tell your complete story and more people will uplift brand. Life is good.

Does it make sense to self publish a book or is it better to go the traditional method and look for an agent to get published – Donna


Both can work to your advantage. Your goal is too sell books. If you sellf publish through Amazon you can get a bigger piece of the pie. The bottom line is that there are no guarantees unless you are in a position to promote your book. An established book company can offer media opportunities for you to promote your book and that is a key opportunity to you. But you get a smaller piece of the pie.

As an upcoming writer I now have my own blog on Facebook and written for an online magazine.. HOW DO I WRITE FOR MAGAZINES LIKE THE CHICAGO DEFENDER AND GET PAID? I have made fruitless efforts to reach the current management.so I need your in depth HELP – Kwabena


Why do you want to get paid. The immediate goal is to establish your writing craft. Getting paid should not be your priority. Roland Martin and I wrote for the Houston Defender and money was not the goal. Establishing our readership base was the key and now look at both of our career. Also, what is your point of view? What area of expertise would you bringing to the writer’s table? How big is your blog? You have to have a consistent format and angle of need for the Chicago Defender to take any interest. Again getting paid should be the least concern.