I work nights and am tired of the grind. Are there any legitimate home based businesses that you would recommend that I could look into? I’m a 48 year old former marine who has worked nights a Walmart for 11 years sir. – Kevin


This is the first place I am going to send you. It is a site that lists the top home based businesses. Please review and let me know your thoughts.

What is the most cost-effective way for a small business to reach the masses to introduce their innovative product? We have written to media sites, bloggers, television shows, paid internet advertising, hosted flash sales, etc., but are still waiting for our “big break”! – Bobbi


You have to stay consistent at what you are doing and not jump around. Also make sure you have exhausted all techniques especially in social media.

I own a business Focuss Executive Suites that leases furnished office space to small businesses. We are located in VA. Beach. How and what’s the best way of getting the word out/marketing. – Robin


First you should have your church make weekly announcements about your business. Attend any local alumni events. Then you need to join small business organizes that will lead to relationships. Finally I would attend the graduation of all law schools! Please keep me posted I look forward to your success.

Is there a difference between a business plan & a business model? – Janét


The business plan provides the details of your business. It takes the focus of the business model and builds upon it. It explains the equipment and staff needed to meet the details of the business model. It also explains the marketing strategy of your small business, or how your business will attract and retain customers, and deal with the competition. Furthermore, the business plan explains the financial stability of your small business at a particular point in time, as well as in the forecasted future. Overall, the business plan supports the business model and explains the steps needed to achieve the goals of that model.

Are you going to invite Marjorie Harvey on the talk show again to co host with her husband Steve? – Henry


We taped our last show on Thursday. So she will not be making any more appearances until the 4th season.

I have an online knitting business and want to grow. How do I hire contracted knitters without worrying about them stealing my patterns and using them for their own businesses? – Lynn


Have you patented your patterns? Also you can have the contractors sign confidentiality forms to protect your brand and intellectual property since you are discussing designs. Finally people are going to steal. Its called knock-offs, but you can win by getting your product on the market first and maintaining excellent quality control. Don’t let that fear of being ripped off stop you from exceeding. I was a former Stand-Up comic. People stole my jokes all the time and I knew they would, but that did not stop me from telling them!

I notice that you have a sponsors that stick with you across multiple projects (ex. Ford and Home Depot) and my question is 2 fold. Question one besides continuing to be mutually beneficial how do you keep those relationships active and 2 how do you know when to reach out to other entities without offending established relationships? – Dale


If I am in business with Home Depot and Ford, I cannot talk to Lowes and GMC. The way you keep longevity in any relationship is to listen to the needs of the client and prioritize their concerns.

I’m familiar with the concept of REIT, is this able to be duplicated with an S corp? a group of friends and I want to buy a property. Can we create an S corp (maxes out at 100 shares) and we can all invest x-amount base upon an agreed upon share price. I know we’ll need a cpa (and probably) and attorney on retainer but that could be paid out of the positive cash flow (since property would be bought outright with cash). So not a REIT in the traditional sense, but it gives us a better way of investing vs a partnership (which ultimately could blow up). – Micah


You can create an LLC too. But you need to consult with an attorney to sew up the details if this partnership.

How do I get funding for a non-profit Veterans Assistance Organization? – Joann


If you go to this website you will find excellent information about Grants. Now this is still a lot of work and nothing comes easy.

I have treatment and pilot for a tv show. I have a premier faith and family branding company who have gifted to handle my project once it has been pitched and picked up for programming. They feel I am great talent and the show is creative and interesting and will do well! This is all new for me and I don’t have an agent to pitch for me and I don’t want to make any bad choices. The branding company did try and pitch for me but it’s not what they do? So how do I move forward? I am an amazing women doing great work and need some traction to make things happen! I need a MENTOR in this arena of entertainment and business and who understands my demographic. Would you be willing to have a conversation with me? – Marilyn


What city do you live in? Also have you had any actors worked out any of your scenes in your pitch. It is important that you are pitching to the right people. If you right a scene and get it on tape you can post on youtube and start promoting your project on social media.