My primary income comes from book sales and conducting reading and writing workshops. I was recently asked if I have a literary agent. Should I hire one? What are the advantages of having an agent? – Heddrick


A literary agent can assist you in getting a book deal. Their fee is normally 10%. You can use your leverage as a successful self publisher to land a bigger book deal and this is where an agent can help.

So many time I watch celebrities make MILLIONS then lose MILLIONS. What is your advice on MONEY MAKING to make my money grow if I received a $10,000 check right now. First I will pay tithes of $1,000…then $1,000 in savings…$1,800 in a certificate deposit…$1,200 on shopping…RUSHION, WHAT DO YOU RECOMMEND FOR THE OTHER $6,000 to GROW? – Kingi


CD has no tax deduction value, so you need to put that CD money in an IRA. Also you can create SEP that is also tax deductible and finally a Define Benefits Retirement plans and it is tax deductible.

I am currently building my counseling ministry as well as my book. I shared my article with you months ago via twitter. I am trying to share my story and help other break barriers to freedom. I am looking for a good online marketing team. – Yvette


If you go with any marketing company only do a 90 day contract. In 90 days you will see the value of their marketing ability. You just have find a company that works for you. My marketing person/coompany may not be good for your brand.

Are the Neighborhood Awards exclusively for your immediate community? I have people in different cities who want to nominate me. I have donated books and made appearances in multiple cities. – Heddrick


The Neighborhood Awards is nationwide. If you can be nominated for any category that you are qualified for. We have 12 categories. Go to to nominate.

How do you decide when you’ve pumped enough money into a project and if it’s time to head in another direction? – Edwyna


Profit and loss is truly the bottom line to success. If you are breaking even or generating a small level of financial success, then your problem is marketing and branding. Keep doing what you are doing but up the marketing and branding focus. Put into a 90 day action plan!

I want to start my own restaurant business how do I do that – Reginald


You start with a business plan and visit this website.

Thanks in advance. I would like to start a non profit company to help teenage girls in Leesburg, FL. This community has a high teenage pregnancy rate and c rated schools. I was told that it’s very difficult to start and maintain such a company. I have been calling companies to set up the non profit status but it’s so expensive. What’s the best way to start? I must do something to help this community. Thanks again. – Cheryl


Here is information on how you can start up a non-profit.

I want to advertise on the SHMS next Tax season. We spoke briefly on it while you were in DC. Who shall I contact for more information? – Lashon


If you want to advertise on the Steve Harvey Morning Radio Show you should email

In this economy, what type of small business would you recommend to start? – Aiesha


You should only start a business that you have the skill set to be successful in. You can start a maid service right now and make money, but will you be happy?

I would like to know how to invest in stock to let my money grow. What are the first steps and do you think it’s a promising market? – Allison


The stock market is always good. You invest the same amount each month and purchase on dollar cost averaging. That means you will purchase sometimes high, then low and it averages out.