I am a national publicist. I have a client that is launching a new makeup/cosmetic line in July (Princess Mauve’s Cosmetics). I have been a publicist for a few years (with impressive clients) but this is my firstmakeup/cosmetic line. I’m recommending vendor tables/opportunities at major events in her city (Atlanta). She is getting a vendor table at one of the largest independent fashion shows during NYFW (SBFW). We are also going to the “Magic Show” in August so she can see the opportunities. Her marketing/social media campaigns should start in June. We want to pitch to major grocery chains and possibly get exposure on television. I am also planning on sending samples to high profile makeup artists (nationally). Have I left any opportunities out? Thanks in advance and I am anxiously looking forward to your response. In addition, may God continue to bless you and your family. -Jackie


Yes you left out YouTube and Facebook Live. You have a visual product and you should be posting makeup lessons featuring the product online and doing a weekly Facebook Live session featuring the makeup that will create interaction and generate sales and positive branding. Both these things are free and social media is king!


I need help getting started. Should I purchase a domain name first or do a test run? I am looking to sell personalized/ customized items, and also looking to get into photography. Thanks for taking the time to advise me. I appreciate you. -Angelia


You should get a domain name. And you should also promote your brand on social media.

I recently graduated Mr. Harvey/Dr. Harvey’s Success Institute at ALAS this year and while at the conference a few speakers and Mr. Harvey spoke about volunteering to work for free around those that will help you mold your gift and mentor you as well, while you figure out how to fund and build your business. My question is how would I go about volunteering for a great motivational speaker in the New York or Tri-state area, while making sure that I am not going to be taken advantage of or taken away from my purpose? Currently the occupation I am in doesn’t allow for me to dive into my business as I wish and this is why I believe working for someone who is successful in my craft would help me in the long run. Please advise and thank you in advance Mr. McDonald. -Sheri


You need to build a speaking resume and volunteering will really help you. Now you can also volunteer your time at high risk or last chance schools and recovery abuse centers. All these locations are looking for positive people to donate their positivity to motivate people. This will allow you to build your point of voice.

How do you keep the faith when you want to invest your money into a business but everybody keeps telling you that the person you want to do business with is a crook and he won’t help you and all he will do is take your money? I admit that members of his team took money from me because I believed in them and I was told I needed to invest in myself so when I did I was only being played. Also I believe in this person because truthfully he hasn’t done me any wrong it’s just the people who….support him but they are the ones who are telling me that he is a bad person to do business with. Mind you these are his first cousins. Please tell me should I just follow my first mind and invest with him or should I take heed to all the red flags? -Mel from Elkhart, IN


Has the person presented you with a business plan? Secondly, you should control the money and only release it when you get an itemized invoice. Third, you should do a background check on your friend. Fourth, you need to sign a legally binding agreement. This is not about following your heart or gut instincts. You are making a business deal and you are supplying the money. Just follow my advice and it should keep your head above water.

I’ve been staring at this post for the last 10 mins….I’ve had a home-based cookie business since 2008, and I’m terrified of the business side just because I don’t know all that I feel like I need to know. Cookie Tyme Cookies is my baby. I have a Facebook Page, company name and logo already established. I eventually want to have them mass produced and sold in grocery stores but no idea where to start. -Tiffany from Houston, TX


You need to visit your Small Business Administration office in your city. The reason you are terrified is because you built your business on love and passion and now the business needs to be developed and you have nowhere to turn for answers. Well that is what the local SBA office is for and the service and information they provide are FREE!

I am looking to start my own business and I am in the beginning stages (goal setting, etc.). I feel like I need to start my own networking group because I haven’t been successful at finding a networking group that works for me. I have been a stay at home mom for four years and around the same people. What do you think?
-Phalishia from Cordova, TN


If you are trying to build your brand, then you need to remove your child’s picture as your profile. You have to start focusing and talking about more than the last four years. What are your goals? Snd start networking with people with similar goals. You can start at your church, your child’s daycare center, etc. It is time to project the new you!

I’ve recently stepped into television production. Not necessarily by choice but willingly, as necessity has become the mother of invention. I am producing my local radio show that we have now transitioned into a television program. Any pointers you can give for success would be appreciated. -Sean from Houston, TX


Are you simultaneously casting and taping your radio show? And how many days a week? You should also use Facebook Live for your radio program to build your fan base.

I’m launching a podcast. How can I attract celebrity guests? -Spike Da Icon

Spike Da Icon,

You have to build your numbers before a celebrity will be interested. Don’t chase celebrities. Please build your brand on your content.

I would like to own a business. I do not have a product. Should I buy a business from someone or open a franchise? I would also like to market myself as a coach and public speaker. How do I get my name out there? -Nicole from Oakland, CA


Please get in a business because you like it. Starting or running a business consumes a lot if hours, so you have to have the desire and passion for the brand to keep you motivated.

I am just starting my own catering business. I want to know how do I get myself noticed? -Ashley


You need to start posting pictures of your past catering jobs on your social media. These pictures should look good and professional. You can use your smart phone.