Good morning sir,

I have started a little business called My Season Pressure Washing and my question is what are some ways I can promote my business and gain a large customer base? I decided that one Monday a month I will giveaway a free carwash, grave cleaning or lawn service just to give back. Do you think this is a good way to attract more customers? -Michael from Franklin, LA


Do you use magnetic signs on the outside of your truck? That is how I found the company that pressure cleans my home every year. Giving back is a bonus, but it has to be recognized in order to achieve the return on your investment. I was confused by the lawn service. You should only donate what your business does. Keep it focused on your brand only. Also update your Facebook page to reflect your business. Only focus on your brand. Pressure washing also involves windows, driveways, houses, fences, cars, etc.

Good Afternoon! I’ve been feeling stuck lately. Please advise me on how to move pass this point in my career. -Princeanna from Raleigh, NC


You need to write down what you don’t like about your life and the things you want to do with your life. When you write things down you are able to truly understand why you are not happy. Because you are not satisfied in your life’s direction, that is why you need to write down the things you want to do. Finally, you have to ignore the people who keep telling you what you need to do.

I have been putting off starting a small business for years. People think I’m crazy because I earn well over six figures, average around 30hours/week, have 6 weeks paid vacation, and a wonderful boss! I can easily make more by picking up additional work, between $900-$1,500 daily depending on the situation. The problem is, I no longer love what I do and want to venture into something I can call my own. Am I crazy? My husband is ok with me pursuing my dreams, but thinks it’s odd to try something new when I am doing so well in my current occupation. What do you think? My venture has minimal startup cost, will be a weekend endeavor, and will not effect my current job. After 6 months, I can decide to continue or put it to rest once and for all. Any thoughts? –Angela from Houston, TX


I have a Math degree and was successfully employed by IBM. I could have stayed at IBM, but felt that it was not my final goal in life. So I resigned and pursued a career in standup comedy. A lot of people were happy and a lot of people did not understand the risk, because there are no guarantees. So if you have a passion with a plan, start setting up your business today. Do not stop your employment until you are fully ready to commit. Finally, save, save, save your money! Remember this is your dream and it comes with no excuses. Life is good.

Hello Mr. McDonald! How are you?

I have a consulting business where I help non-profits and for profit companies. I want to get more clients and I want to be able to hire someone to help me. I also want to be able to learn how to build up business credit. What do I need to do? Also, do you know any ideas or jobs where I can have another source of income? Please let me know. Thank you! -Brandie


I would seek out manpower for temporary job opportunities, full and part time. You can build your business credit by getting a secured credit card from your bank.

Good Afternoon Mr. McDonald,

First, I want to thank you for sharing your valuable time and advice with us! It’s my passionate interest to email you or your staff in charge who can help me with advice in regards to achieving a personal TV business endeavor ( Can you guide me to the individual who can assist me? I truly appreciate you helping me in any way. Blessings. -Nedjetti from New York, NY


You should post videos of you producing the hairstyles on YouTube to build your following. But once a week I would host a hair show on Facebook Live. You can comment back and forth with the users. I feel this would be hot. Also, you need to make your website mobile.

Hi Mr McDonald,

I was wondering what type of advice would you give to someone that has many ideas, for business entrepreneurship etc.. but doesn’t know where to begin to put those ideas in place? Thank you! -Janet


You need to develop a “Why Box”, a “Need Box” and a “I can do it Box.” Everybody does not need your ideas or need your plan. So you have to decipher each level of importance. Each box you put one of your ideas in will justify an action on your part. If you don’t like this idea, you can gather two friends that you trust and pitch the ideas to them. Please tell them to be totally honest.

Good afternoon.

I recently released my new children’s book. It’s self-published. It’s doing pretty good, going into the 3rd week now. I’ve been trying to first tap into my existing market through all my social media platforms for sales and awareness directing them to the book sites where it can be purchased. That has been working fine. However, I want to get some advice on how I could grow my territory and get more local companies involved to support the book, maybe have them purchase a number of books that I can then donate to schools, organizations, churches, etc. During the first week of the book being released, I had a short run of reading the book for every grade at my son’s elementary school. This was awesome as it allowed me to work on my presentation for my target audience. Do you have any advice on how to grow my brand steadily and start tapping more into businesses in my area and other cities? -Myron


Why would a company support the distribution of your book? That is very key. If you turn your book into a reading event like you were doing, you could get more leads to sponsorships.

Hi Rushion!

A year ago you advised me to move to LA, and I will finally be moving in a few months. My question is this: for an actor, is it better to have an agent or a manager? -Mandy


You just need anyone who values your talents and is in a credible position to pitch you for auditions. The difference in an agent or manager is the amount of percentage they can charge for their services. An agent can only charge 10%, a manager can charge 10% or higher.

Greetings Mr. McDonald,

I’m a cosmetologist looking to make my mark in the education arena. Since I am marketing a skill set & a “lesson,” how do I protect the idea? Financially, teaming up with a local product distributor would be ideal. However, what steps should/can be taken to assure the distributor/another cosmetologist doesn’t take the idea & run with it? Does the law only protect product verses theory? Thank you for your time and expertise. -Tameka from Chicago, IL


You can copyright your lesson and then you can grant them right of use. When your relationship ends, then all rights will revert back to you.

My husband and I just opened up a boarding home. Should we just target veterans or should we target more? -Sharla from Dallas, TX


I really feel you should not narrow your vision. It is about generating as much income as possible. Also at boarding homes, security is very important. There are so many people with personality issues. So don’t limit the security budget.