I’m interested in opening a cigar lounge on DC. There’s plenty of competition, I’ve carved out my niche to make mine different from the existing establishments. What are the pros and cons of going into an almost saturated market of cigars? -Juanita


Cigar businesses caters to a small group. These are not cigarette smokers. Nobody is addicted to smoking cigars. Thus you have a community that is very niche and if it is saturated it is even more niche. Thus if you set this up you can create an experience for people who buy from your location. It has to feel like a club. They have to feel like there is no rush and you are a member of the exclusive cigar smoking club. Create card playing, dominoes or a pool table atmosphere with light snacks. I would have fun in there and I don’t even smoke cigars. Please make sure you have a business plan along with that solid faith.

Good Morning Mr. McDonald.

I’m in the middle of two businesses I’ve started in the pass four years. one is three clothing lines and the other a baking business. My quick question is, in today’s market what would be the ideal investment of time I should put into one or the other to excel? -James


I would invest more time in your baking business, because it affects a larger audience.

Hey Rushion,

What would you say are some of the best ways to utilize social media networks to market your business? And how useful would you say social media marketing is compared to other marketing strategies, i.e., flyers, magazine ads, etc. -Leonard


Social media is the best form in network marketing available and it’s free. You can post videos, banners, pictures and broadcast live. But the mistake that people make in social media is that they combine their brand and their personal lives on the same social media handles. You cannot do that! You should use your social media handles to build your brand and market your career, even if you are a stay at home mom.

Good morning Mr.Rushion,

My question is about obtaining my degree in marketing. I read one of your post that said you were trying to be a model. At the age of 51, will it be to late to obtain a degree? I started doing hair at an early age and I went on to open my own salon for 10 years but I got burnt out. I found my true passion now, which is that I love to decorate. I have done over 15 events and I love it. What is the business side of marketing?
-Sheila, from S. Houston, TX


51 is not too old to get a degree. If it is obtainable I would pursue it. I always tell people you cannot repo a degree. Once you have earned it, they cannot take it away. Now as far as being a decorator, I think that is fantastic. But you now have to build your brand in this field and it’s not going to happen overnight. So start posting your past success stories each week. Pick a particular day, so you can start building your fan base. Right now you have 15 weeks of posting based on your number of completed events.

Good morning,

I have the chance to become something in life. I am faced with the challenge of having to trust people that I’m not sure where there truth lies. I do not want the next people to stop or damage my dreams. How do I overcome this when these are the only ones that are willing to help with my vision? -Edwina from Newnan, GA

You know right from wrong. You know the difference between a blessing and a curse. It’s time you make the right decision for you. If you are uncomfortable you should honestly communicate this too that person. We all want success, but it has to be in a form we can be comfortable with.

It’s hard to believe a simple choice can make all the difference in having bad intentions and good intentions. It’s funny how making wise decisions can change the very outlook on life. In this case, does attitude mean everything when it comes to choosing life changing revelations? -Rufus from Cleveland, OH

I love chatting with you Rufus because you already know the answer to your questions. You just need confirmation. Yes positive attitude is the key to success!

Hi Rushion,

My twin sister and I have been dessert caterers for the last 6 years. A month ago, we opened a small retail bakery in Stockbridge, GA. Here’s a link to the newspaper article about us. Our best selling item is our pecan pie bites. We want to start selling them in fine dining and family style restaurants and airlines. We also want to make them a signature gift for guests with a hotel chain much like the Doubletree Cookie. How should we approach a hotel to get our pies in? -Leslie from Stockbridge, GA


Since I am a baker your request is hitting home with me. I noticed that you are closed on Sunday and I feel you could build a large church buying audience if you were open for short hours on Sunday. If you are trying to extend your business range you have to look at your packaging and your ability to deliver high volume and maintain quality control. You can contact hotel catering and set up a sampling meeting, but make sure your packaging is appealing.

Good morning Rushion,

I see how you post videos pertaining to Baking Like a Man. Do you think it’s a good idea for me to do videos based off different chapters in my book to promote it? -Sharon


There is no formula for success. You have to be consistent and focused if you want to win!

Greetings Team!

What do you recommend to a small business who needs a small cash injection and has a few interested private investors? Do you recommended accepting of the offers? If so what terms would you set up in regards to ROI, etc.? They do not want any interest in the company but like what is being done and wants to invest.
-Dejaneiro from West Monroe, LA


Have you created a business plan? This is the first thing you have to do, because they want to operate on a percentage of your profits. So you need to find out what that is and project a five year plan.


I just had a great experience at the St. Martin Book Fair. My books and workshops were very well received. I think I am going to focus on more global projects this year. Do you think this would hurt my brand and presence in the U.S? -Heddrick from Queens, NY


Congrats on your trip and the courage to do something different. Fear of the unknown stops a lot of people, so don’t let your opportunity in other areas scare you by questioning what might happen. You have a brand! If there is an opportunity to promote it world wide please take advantage of it.