Is it feasable to take out loans for nursing school or try to exhaust my savings that I have already? -Jacquiana


I would do the loan route and saving route. I feel that mixing the two will allow you to have a career when you graduate. And you can pay it off quicker when you work a lot of OT in your new nursing job. I was fortunate that I did not have any education debt, because I work during my college career and paid for classes that I could afford. It took me seven years to graduate, but I had no debt. So if you are in a hurry, split it between loan and savings. If you want to take your time and not have debt I would pay for it without a loan, get a job and not use your savings. Then when you graduate you will have savings, no debt and a career. It’s all about time!!!

I have a friend that is teaching at home for a small fee. She has a few students (10). When do you think she would reach a point where she would need to expand and would it be as a school?  – Sherry from GA 


Is she student at her home or is she traveling to each of these students home? I need to know if this is a profitable venture that would enable her to move. C2 Education is making a lot of money training teens for the SAT. There is where the really big money is at and it’s focused. A student can pay up $18K for SAT training sessions. You get 10 students and that is $180K. Which leads to a huge profit margin.

Hi Mr. Mc. I’m interested in starting a personal trainer/Zumba instructor business. How do I begin? How do I attract clients? Thank you  -Michelle


You need to start posting videos about your class on Instagram. Short video works about your fun classes and getting in shape. The classes are all about you and how much fun they are. So use social media to start getting your fan base excited.

As a comedy booking agency, I have struggled to obtain opportunities for comedians. When I contact clubs they refer me to an agency that handles their booking but the agencies have never return my calls. I follow up several times but don’t want to end up on a blacklist or something trying to find work for my people. What is the proper way to acquire new opportunities for comedians in comedy clubs? I submit a headshot with bio and performance history and video links to his/her video footage that I have, nothing has worked so far. I’ve obtained booking for Cocoa Brown in Dallas and Houston and Benji Brown on Chicago but those opportunities stemmed from relationships that I already had in place.  -Malik from TX


Comedy club bookings is based on relationship and constant contact. You need to create sizzle reels of your talent and the comedy clubs that they have performed at in the past. Also a lot of clubs really only book headliners these days, because they can use local acts or acts that can drive in and leave the same night. So what level are the comedy acts that you are trying to book?

Good morning, Mr McDonald. ‘m a young entrepreneur living in the city of Flint Michigan and I work with local clothing brand called GoodBoy Clothing – GDBY MFG. Co. The question I have for you today pertains to choosing a path as a blooming entrepreneur I have many interests such as modeling, photography, social media marketing, singing, and starting small business ventures with my friend. I’m finding it hard to focus just on one and I’ve read and been told on numerous occasion by people more learned than myself that you should have one main thing you’re doing. My dilemma comes in the fact that I have so many main things I’d like to focus on so I guess I’m asking what do you think would be the best course of action choosing a path or multiple ones? I was actually directed to you by one of my greatest mentors Sol Manani and I know for a fact she only associates with great people.  -Jordan


I had lunch with Sol this past Friday and I will be helping her with her career in Atlanta, GA. In your list skills, you listed one thing that can dictate everything that you do and that is social media marketing. If you focus on social media marketing then it will build your brand in modeling, photography, singing and small business ventures. You need to focus on that #1 Skill Set in social media marketing and the rest will help develop build your career choices. All the choices that you have chosen are similar and can be easily develop together.

Good morning. I would like to write a book about my life – I have gone through life challenges. Can you give me some tips? Thank you.  -Ada


You need to outline your book. You cannot just start writing your story, because it will be confusing. You also need to establish a reason for writing your book and who are your readers or buyers. Developing the books POV is very important, because a narrow readership will affect your book sales.

Good afternoon, Mr. McDonald. I have my associate in general studies from Wayne county community college district now I’m am attending university of Detroit mercy for my bachelor degree for business administration. I’m am working on starting a bar and grill and I just need some tips and what direction should I go in.  – Carter


Great to hear from you. I can tell by your writing that you are a people person. The number one rule in starting any business is parking. Please make sure you have customer parking and business location. Cheap rent doesn’t always mean the best location. Finally your business plan, you need to visit your local SBA office and they will assist you with information to educate you about the bar and restaurant business, so you can build a business plan and open you business with no surprises.

How hard would’ it be to secure a small business loan?  – Pamela


It depends on the amount and your business plan for the loan. Do you have a business plan and three consecutive years of taxes?

Should I pay off a credit card that’s listed as close? Also, should I pay off credit cards or collections first?  – Eddie


Please pay off your credit cards at the close of every business month. No one should carry credit card debt month-to-month. If you do that means you are operating above your budget and that is a mistake. That is how you create credit card debt. This past Saturday I paid off my credit card charges for the Month of April. So I am not carry credit card debt in April.
I would pay the collections first, because they are affecting you credit score and that needs to be cleared up quickly. Whenever I’ve gotten a collection notice I immediately pay that off with no hesitation. Pay your minimum credit card payments until the collections have been cleared off of your tab. Then you start on the lowest credit card debt firsts and when you pay it off do not use that card until the others have been paid off. Use cash only for your purchases until all of your credit card debt has been paid off.