I have recently partnered with different organizations and celebrities to help expand my visibility and reach. Are there any other marketing strategies that you can suggest for my business? -McBride


You have been doing an outstanding job marketing your children books. I have seen your marketing and branding all over social media. This is very is good, because when you are not looking for something and it becomes a positive constant in media then you will see recognizable growth. Keep doing what you doing my friend. Remember you are building your brand it does not happen over night. It took me 16 years to build Steve Harvey’s career. You can do it faster, because of social media.

What are your best tips for tax season for entertainers? Also, what is your best saving advice for 2017? What’s the qualifications for becoming a business manager to a celebrity entertainer? -Najibah 


Best business advice is to get a dedicated business credit card that produces an end of the year statement. Business management should have knowledge of the person that is handing the accounting, bookkeeping and tax preparations for Talent.

Can i get a patent for a product without a prototype built? Only use a design drawing on paper?  -Teresa


Yes, you can submit a patent request on a design. Learn more here.

Good morning Mr. McDonald!
1. I have never owned or operated a business before, but strongly believe that I have a very good product with benefits to offer that will help make many self-sufficient and healthier, creating better Communities through the worthy cause concept. What’s the best way to gather information for a business plan that will attract interested investors who will also act as a business coach, to guide you through the process in order to learn the Do’s and Don’ts of the Business World?
2. Can you name a reputable company or individual, to do a good business plan and how much should it cost?
3. How do you SUCCESSFULLY LAUNCH a campaign for a product?
Thank you for your expert advice!  -Pinkie


Your local Small Business Administration office will assist you in developing your business and provide valuable research information for FREE! You do not have to pay anyone. When I was launching my comedy club in Houston, Texas. The SBA services was priceless and FREE.

I own a nail salon and I want to know how to inform customers of an price increase? -Corinne


You can offer a “Hurry and Get your Hair Done” promotion before the price increase. I would increase your prices right after Easter. This should be promoted in your salon, social media and website. The number #1 question is why, so please be ready to offer a plausible reason, so you won’t lose any customers. But if you prepare them, they will understand. Shocking them with the information as they sit down is not the way to go!

Good morning Mr McDonald. I have been hearing that the time is right to invest in the medical field. Do you have any investment tips or strategies to share to capitalize on this window?  -Todd from IL


There will always be need for medical help. I think one of the biggest medical areas that are currently under staff is home assistance for the elderly. There is a tremendous staff shortage and I see more and more people are finding it difficult to find people that they can trust and show up for work consistently.

Good morning Mr. Rushion McDonald! I am the young lady who had the most AMAZING opportunity to present a TED TALK topic at TEDxNSU two weekends ago. As a formerly incarcerated individual who spent 3 years in federal prison, this was a huge moment. Not only for me, but for a lot of formerly incarcerated individuals who feel as though their life is over. Here are my plans following this event: (1). To continue to promote my message of “Use your adversity to create an opportunity”; (2). Use my TED TALK as my signature talk and take my 3 points of reframing mindset, owning up to mistakes and the power of second chances and let is serve as a platform my coaching platforms; (3) Present at more conferences and organizations to gain more visibility and credibility; (4) Increase my involvement on the issue of mass incarceration; and use my social movement #MyVisionIs to highlight that visions and goals are attainable by creating vision boards and an action plan together to accomplish those goals.   – Yolanda


Congrats and I want to help you build your career. 1st have you created an EPK that you will send out to media for radio, print and TV interviews? 2nd have you edited a sizzle of your Ted Talk that will highlight your message? Editing it down to two minutes will be more impactful branding. Movies don’t run 90 minutes commercials to promote their coming to theaters. 3rd check your message box quicker. Finally, I am shooting my new show for TV One called Evidence of Innocence hosted by Attorney Benjamin Crump. It’s about wrongly accused people who have been released from prison and now doing great things in the community. I am all about second chances and you communicating with me is perfect timing.