How do I go about asking for a promotion after earning a bachelor degree and certification for case management? – Gail


How long have you been at the position? First have you sat down with your supervisor and discuss your career goals at your job? That is very important and I made the mistake of not doing that at IBM. I felt that just because I was doing a good job, then people would notice. That is not true. They only notice what goals that you tell them that you want to reach. If you are a great worker at your position and you have not told me your goals, why would I promote you! I going to keep you in that position and let you keep kicking butt. So please have a positive conversation with your supervisor. It will change your life! Have you sat down had an evaluation with her. You have to start documenting this case of non Support. Please do not worry about other workers, only your career. I made the mistake of becoming a Martyr for other employees and when they let me go no one supported me.

I have a couple of questions. 1. How can I raise capital to start a small independent activity/entertainment center? 2. How can I find someone to write for me (a book)?  – Diana 


You need to write or create a business plan in order to recruit an investor. What type of book are you trying to write? Please visit your local small business administration for support with information to create your business plan. Their services are free! Before you hire a writer, you need to create an outline of your story. Get a sense of the story you are trying to sell.

Greetings Mr. Rushion McDonald. I’m an actor and need advice on 2 things: How to land agent and/or management representation? Also, how to get in front of the right people to pitch industry & business ideas and scripts. I just moved to Atlanta & still have my place in L.A., having lived there the past 3 years.  – Seret


LA is the place to be. Were you taking any acting classes? Did you visit Samuel French in Hollywood and buy the book and agents and managers? It lists all of the west agencies and managers who are looking for new talent.

I currently cook for a living. I would really like to fully start my own baking/ catering company. I’ve done a few small events for friends and even a few bazaars. My problem is trying to move forward with establishing my business. I tend to focus on what I don’t have as opposed to what I do have to officially get started. I have my food service managers certificate through my job, but I lack the use of a kitchen in which I can cook out of. I’m also not sure if I need a license to sell my goods. I don’t have money for a start up so I’m stuck there. I need advice on where I should start from here. I really want my business as I’m close to retiring from my full time county government job and would like to be working my business full time after that. So I need to get things going but not sure where to start.  – Tammy


To start, we need to take quality pictures of your desserts and establish a pricing menu and turnaround time for your orders. Easter and Mother’s Day is coming up and thus can lead to big sales opportunity to start consistently launching your business.

Good Morning Mr. Rushion McDonald. I have a radio show here in Atlanta for youth and we are doing well but of can be better. What strategy and marketing tools would you recommend to take it another. level? We have youth in India and New York that have inquired about co-hosting.  – Cassandra


My number one attraction is this a talk show format or a music format. I live in Atlanta, can you send me the radio station number, so I can start listening to your show. I’m excited about the possibilities, but I need to know your format and goals.

Just trying get some tips on ways I can get more men involved in a project/movement I’ve been working on. Bridging the Gap so to speak with men with their daughters. With so much negativity out here about men and absentee fathers in the household. I’ve formulated a solution and would like tips on ways to push it. – Timmothy


You need to contact the 100 Black Men organizations and all of the Black Male Fraternities. These men are still in engaged in life and are very active in the community. I’m sure you know some fraternity men, so please start there!