Hi Rushion!

I am very happy and grateful to have discovered your page! Advice like this is priceless and I am thankful for you taking the time to help people seeking sound advice! I am a weight loss coach, author and speaker. In my own journey I have lost over 100lbs and kept it off for almost a decade now! I have made it my personal journey and goal to help others learn the principles for natural and permanent weight loss through the simple techniques and tricks that I use. I consider myself a teacher and personal motivator who inspires others through my own journey. I have written a book called 100lbs Later: How I Lost Over 100lbs in 8 Months and How you Can Do It Too! I host a blog called 100lbsLater.com and motivational YouTube channel as well! I have had the honor of sharing my weight loss story and journey on the Today Show and most recently the Dr. Oz Show. My question to you is, how do I continue to expand in my opportunities to share my story to the public through national and international media, specifically talk shows and informative television outlets? I consider myself an expert in the field of weight loss and living a healthy lifestyle, and I have a wealth of valuable tips and tricks that I can share. Is it necessary to hire a publicist or PR person, or should I continue to individually seek out these opportunities by myself? If so, then how? What is the best route of reaching producers and people in charge of casting for this type of information? Thank you so much for reading my question! Any information would be greatly appreciated! -Tiffany


I went to your Facebook page and it does not sell your brand. So I see inconsistent marketing on social media. Social media is the heart of your game plan to success. It is where you build your following and grow your brand. You don’t need a PR person, you just need to remove the photos that don’t represent the message you are trying to consistently tell. I understand the message, which is you are just letting everybody know who you are and the quickest way to get there is through consistent social media.

Good morning,

I started my business a year ago and I have up and down weeks. My question is how do I stand out in a hyper competitive market? I make tea cakes (you can view my Facebook page @ T-Licious Tea Cakes). It started as a hobby and when I began to get more orders and started making a profit, I decided to make it a business and I really enjoyed the reaction from my customers. I have approached mom and pop eatiries and done some network marketing which went pretty good. I am also working on my self-confidence which has been a challenge in its self. -Pam from Houston, TX


Tea cakes are cute, just like madeleines, but that does not mean everybody will consume them like donuts. You need to create more sweet options. Tea cakes are great but don’t sound like cupcakes, donuts or bundt cakes. I would call them different names other than just tea cakes. Make them sound more yummy! You stated teacakes are popular. Do some research. You are running a business, not a hobby. I respect your talent and your accomplishments. You can do daily affirmations, but you have to appreciate yourself and understand you are special. God’s blessing is all the affirmation you need, and if you accept that you will gain confidence and consistency in your will to win. Be diverse and have fun in your baking experiments and focus on your tea cakes that really sale. Then, develop some crazy tea cakes options like sweet potato tea cakes or peach cobbler tea cakes! Keep your head up and keep winning!

Afternoon Bro. Rushion McDonald,

I’m a music artist manager and talent developer. I’ve been working with several really promising artists for about 7 years now but haven’t been able to quite connect all the dots to generate a livable entertainment income for them and myself. We have chosen the indie route and own and control all the works that we create but connecting all of the dots with publishing has been a great challenge. Any advice would be appreciated. All social media and distribution channels are in place.

Derick from Atlanta, GA


You need to start focusing on the most viable artist, then leverage their success in your marketing. Steve wasn’t the only talent I managed, but it wasn’t until I focused 100% on him that we started to be really successful.

Good Morning Mr. McDonald.

I have written a play called At The Wave. It teaches kids everything about sound through music, comedy and dance. It has great characters, a 15-track soundtrack, and we even created a web series based on the play. I’ll be sending you all the links that I have. Everywhere we go the children love it. I feel it’s something fresh and new to give to our children. I love it. As I produce the play around NYC some of the comments are that it is a goldmine, and it should be on television. So, I put it on Brooklyn cable once a week. I promote this thing to the best of my ability….I’ve exhausted my funds, so I work 12 hour shifts to pay for it. I really believe in my product. I know you are the guy that can advise me how to take it to the next level.
-Alicia from New York, NY


If kids really love the music, you should be posting it online so it can be downloaded. You need to stop promoting physical production. It is not cost-effective for you long term. Also, you need to create a business plan for your brand. This will enable you to see the leaks in your production model. You may have a gold mine, but a solid business and selling your music online will take you to the bank quicker.

Rushion, I’ve been using my gift to write as a positive tool and stepping stone by sharing with others some great insight. I have been a guest speaker on a couple radios shows here in Atlanta.  What advice could you give me in regards to helping to get more of my powerful work out and seen by others? -Timothy from Atlanta, GA


It seems to me that you are headed in the right direction. Now, when you do interviews do you drive people to your social media? That is key, because this is the largest audience you can receive. When you post, do you tag the media outlets and hosts? This is very important because you are building relationships.

Hello Mr. Rushion McDonald!

As an artist, speaker, and the founder of Made 2 Soar, LLC, I deliver creative, innovative, and empowering lectures, speeches, artwork and training that resonates with diverse audiences. From speaking to the youth and college athletes to sharing my story and content at churches and business conferences, I have been blessed to empower so many. Having a rare disability and standing at only 2 feet tall, I am typically one of the most unique, unforgettable and impactful speakers many have ever seen. Id like to inspire so many more people with my business, Made 2 Soar, by being featured on major media platforms such as the Steve Harvey show and others. So my question is, how might I get my story and my work to the producers and decision makers of these shows? -Monique from Brooklyn, NY


Your request to get on TV is very simple. Every talk show has a submission section on its website. You pitch your idea to be on the show. It helps if your message is clear and you can document your success stories and your popularity. Now is not the best time to pitch your idea to shows, because they are shutting down for the season. You should start making your pitch submissions in June to all talk shows that will benefit your brand. Remember, your pitch is key.


I am in the process of forming a non-profit organization to complement my business. How important is the role of the board members? Should I select people in my field or from different professions? -Heddrick from Queens, NY


Having a board is very important. But having a board that has time to commit to your foundation is even more important. Time is the key and you should not be too demanding of their time. Your board should be diverse, so you can have different points if view. Finally, you don’t want to be the smartest person in the room. It is time to grow your brand with fresh ideas and a board can be a major and very objective asset in your marketing.

Hello and thank you for doing this.

I am the owner of Plan A Date RVA, a romance concierge company. We plan romantic events for couples. We are planning a wedding vow renewal for about 10 couples married 10 years or longer. I want to offer the ultimate wedding experience. To be able to do this, I need sponsors who can offer services. How do I approach those sponsors to ask for free services when I’m looking to make a profit? -Cheryl


You have to create a sponsor deck that shows the media benefit if your relationship. Do you post their logos on your website? If so, are the logos clickable? Will you give them full page ads in your souvenir book? How many people are attending your event and will each attendee get a card promoting their business? If you advertise in print will they be tagged in your print media? These are the things you need to consider to make your idea work for you.


I am participating in the St. Maarten Book Fair on June 2nd. I want to leave a big impression in the country. What are some branding methods I can utilize while I am there? -McBride Stories from Queens, NY

McBride Stories,

You should contact their visitors and travel bureau today and make two local school book donations. This will make the local news and it will benefit you at the event. I love where you are going. It’s one of my favorite islands.

Greetings Mr. McDonald,

I am an entertainer and an entrepreneur. It’s difficult because at times I make enough money to sustain and then other times I can barely put food on the table. What do you recommend for the down times to sustain a comfortable standard of living for my family and I? -Louis from Los Angeles, CA


According to your profile, you studied marketing but you don’t promote what you’re doing on your social media. The inconsistent work is based on inconsistent marketing of your brand. Your cover picture should be promoting your career, not your fraternity. I love my frat too, but they don’t pay the bills. Start using your marketing smarts to build your brand consistently.