Mr. McDonald,

I am in a data acquisitions company called Savian. I am doing all I can to get people invited to get money back on their receipts from normal weekly spending. My question is how do I reach more people? My website is
-Joseph from Upper Darby, PA


You should throw a small event dinner and invite people who want to make money. You need to show people how to win with your program. Free food will get them every time. Summer is coming you, so can throw a small event at your place. But the key is nobody is going to believe what they read on your website. You get flyers like this all the time. So you have to take your event LIVE! I would love to attend and give you pointers after the event. I stated Money Making Conversations to give everyone a shot at success. My services are FREE. Please spread the word!

Good morning Rushion,

I have some social projects I want to do, however, I am not a fan of the constraint of nonprofit organization rules and regulations regarding politics. My question to you is would it be best to function as an LLC for my social project? I am sure I can contract with the federal government or municipalities. Yeah or nah? -Ro from Valdosta, GA


You will avoid a lot of red tape by creating an LLC. Also you can run your business based on your vision and not the charitable restrictions.

Good morning,

I wrote a movie and a web series. My question to you is does it matter who I get to do the actual filming since my budget is limited? My storyline is great so I was hoping that would play a major part but I want to do this correctly.
Nicole from Chicago, IL


It is very important that the production team you put together shoots your vision. There are a lot of talented actors and actresses who will work for free if you promise them a copy if their work. You should hold an actual audition. Now the actual production team is key and the editor.

Just to let you know my book is almost ready to be publish. It’s getting there.
-Rufus from Cleveland, OH


Who is editing your book? So many mistakes are being made by authors because they don’t have a quality editor.

I want to start my own Fragrance line, but I may have to go through a private label. Is that a good idea for someone who doesn’t have a lot of capital? What steps should I take? Thank you -Jacqueline


If you have a private label interested, then I would consider that relationship. Shelf space is valued and they may be able to carve out some room in the store for your brand. Also, getting paid a royalty check is not a bad deal. Most celebrity deals are royalty deals.

I know that you presented your product at the Home and Garden Show the other day. Are there opportunities to market your product at the many retail outlets that sale kitchen items? I envision that for my product one day. -Brenda from Detroit, MI


The Home Show was an amazing experience. They have very large well known brands to the mom and pop. But the key is distribution. Who is distributing your brand and can you meet order demand? Also, despite companies being at the venue and having their booth, they were constantly marketing and pushing their product, so you are constantly selling and hyping your product.

Do you think 15% is too much to pay someone to manage you when all they’re really doing is rewording or editing your work and making up posters and flyers for you and they want 15% of everything you do? What do you think? -Sharon


You don’t have to pay that person 15%. Just do it yourself. But if you don’t have time to do it or don’t want to do it, then consider paying a percentage. A manager’s fee can range from 10-20%.

Hello Mr. McDonald.
I’m trying to build this film company with my partner and balance family life. How were you able to manage family life and at the same time become successful at the many businesses that you’ve had? -Tray from Los Angeles, CA


To accomplish your dreams, life will be filled with peaks and unforeseen valleys. These valleys are where the significance of family play into your life. It is when you are in these valleys you cannot turn to strangers. Now remember during the peak times, you will act like you don’t need anyone, but you will and when it happens you will appreciate the value of family.

I have a great passion for organizing parties. How would I began to promote my skills?
-Beatrice from Houston, TX


You need to start documenting the events that you have put together with pictures and a highlight reel. Event planning is a very competitive field and since you have done parties before, let’s promote them on your social media pages.

Hi Rushion McDonald!

It’s Karen and The Feeling Friends again. Thank you for speaking life last year to me. You told me to “Push my brand…You got to push your brand man.” You also told me to “Never give up.” Since we last talked I have released my first eBook and Coloring Book. I also conduct workshops for The Forsyth County Department of Public Health on Cultural Sensitivity and Race Relations. In addition to facilitating interactive parent workshops, I am using The Feeling Friends to help high school children emote. With The Feeling Friends I am becoming the feelings expert for children. Pushing my brand…I will be attending the Steve Harvey Act Like a Success Conference in May. Will you be attending? -Karen from Washington, D.C.


Welcome the world of branding and planning. I will not be at Steve’s event. I will be in NYC, but I am so happy that you are being focused. Now you can build your brand. It took me year to figure myself out. You are excited, because you know who you are talking to and they are responding back positively.