I would like information on hosting events in my city. I want to inspire young women and married ladies, helping with their self-esteem, etiquette and marketing themselves. -Sheila from South Houston, TX


This is a good idea. You should start promoting with the members of your church. Build your business within arm reach. Make the people you can touch be your first customers.

I want to start my own catering but I don’t have any money saved up and my credit is poor. How do I raise money for my business on a part time job? -Angelique


If you are working a part time job, I would do it in the restaurant business. This will enable you to create business relationships. You should also work part time for large catering companies. You need to gain additional experience in this area before you jump. Working for these companies in your field will educate you to success.

One of my investment strategies is in real estate. Do you know of specific areas in the US that are in transition or growing that would be good to invest in real estate? –Shameeka from Washington, D.C.


Buying real estate involves research. It also depends on your level of investment. When you buy it can it be rented. What are the fees for monthly maintenance to keep the house in sellable condition? For instance, the yard must be cut and leaves raked. Thus investing locally in real estate is very advisable. this is your dream and you want to control it as much as possible. Please stay local and build your brand. Buying property in another city or state on a recommendation is not business savvy. You are doing it the correct way right now. Just don’t get in a hurry.

Good morning Mr. Rushion McDonald,
I have been holding back my movie scripts (about 15 and counting because I’m constantly writing). I’ve even let Mrs. Jalen Mack view a couple. Now I want to bring my ideas and visions to the right people but how do I when studios don’t accept scripts from non-solicited writers? How can I also put them in the right hands of the people who won’t try to steal my work and take full credit for it? -Kevin


The number one problem in getting your literary vision heard is through a agent or manager. You need to contact a book store in LA called Samuel French. The store carries books that list agents and managers who are willing to read new material. I want you to win. There are agents and managers who will read your work. Just contact Samuel French bookstore. Also register your work at the WGA.

I’m a certified event planner…but need an opportunity to enhance my existing skills and talents. Would love to shadow your team during your planning and execution process. -Bonita from Azusa, CA


Shadowing my team is not the correct way to gain experience. You should work for production and event planning companies that handle large general services products. Also working catering and banquet services at large hotel. This is how you get paid and gain experience at the same time.

I am interested in designing and printing inspirational & motivational t-shirts and journal covers. I’ve researched several t-shirt making companies that allow you to design and sell on their website but am not sure of what the next step should be and what sites I should go with. I am in need of startup & branding advice. Thanks.
-Tonya from Douglasville, GA


You need to trademark your phrases and logo or artwork. Also, have you done this in the past with any level if success? You can start branding on your social media to gain branding and marketing from your fan base.


My business can be found on various social media outlets. I am considering adding a blog for further marketing and promotion. What are your thoughts on blogging? Do you think it is worth the time? -McBride Stories

McBride Stories,

Marketing and branding are very different than blogging. Blogging involves creating content. If you have time to create blog content, then yes I would pursue it. But on the other hand you are still developing your branding and marketing pitches to consistently reach your fan base.


In the past year, I have performed some free workshops to less fortunate kids. Can I use these as a tax write off? -Heddrick from Queens, NY


You should speak to your tax accountant. If I donate my time for services rendered to a charity the fee that I would normally charge can be written off. The company that you are doing services for have to submit a written document acknowledging the donation.

Good Morning Mr. McDonald,

I’m writing from New Orleans. I have a patented, truly life saving invention. I’m looking for an engineer or someone that can create a prototype of my product. I would also like to know the best way to approach investors. Can you assist? Thanks in advance.


The best way to get an engineer is to offer sweat equity. They get a percentage of the deal based on their LONG term commitments.

Do you have any advice on how to move from open mic comedian to paid comedian? I am also working on a tv show and my team and I are wondering how to market it to the powers that be for an opportunity to get it picked up. Also, it’s a long shot, but are you looking for a mentee because I am surely looking for a mentor.
-Jasmine from Jonesboro, GA


I started as an open mic comic and you just have to become funny in five minute blocks. Each five minute block will bring you closer to a paid opportunity. I am mentoring right now during my Money Making Conversations session.