What are some ways that I can obtain a corporate sponsor for my literacy events? How do I find/contact them? -McBride Stories from Queens, NY

McBride Stories,

What is your corporate pitch? What does the sponsor gain from the relationship? Does this partnership bring them future customers? These are very important questions that need to be answered in order to pitch your brand to a potential sponsor.

Thank you for all you do. Please advise the steps to pitch an unscripted television show. -Barbara from Norristown, PA


Do you have talent attached to the unscripted television show? Also it can be great if you shoot a short sizzle reel. This will help production houses and networks fully understand your pitch.

Hello,What are your thoughts on partnering on projects with different organizations? I like the idea of cross marketing, but does this weaken my brand?

Heddrick from Queens, NY


Partnering is the way to brand build. Don’t you see iPhone everywhere? In the partnership they will take a percentage to sell your merchandise or promote your merchandise. The more people you get to promote your brand, the more you will win.

Hello sir!

Recently I’ve been using my weekends to post videos often on my social media sites. The videos so far have been of me rapping in small clips, from 15 seconds for Instagram to 1 minute for Facebook, often the same videos. I want to maximize my exposure while doing this and have found it engaging with my audience. How can I keep posting videos that will hopefully lead to leads? Be it the attention of bloggers, label executives, a&r’s, etc. -Moses from Columbus, OH


Can you post a video so I can see your work? I am excited about your passion and your willingness to build your brand. A brand is built through consistency.


I am from New Orleans and moved to Miami. I am a very good cook and am wondering how do I go about selling my food? -Melanie from Miami, FL


Have you ever packaged your food before? Also what is your specialty? You also sent me a vague email and I want to give you information so you can win. Please submit your question next Monday. Thank you.

Hello, I am working full time, and taking college credits. With a 7 year old and a college student living on campus, how can I create an additional stream of income to support all my endeavors? I would like to make money online, but I’m not sure where to start. -Roxii


What are your talents? Are you good at marketing? How about branding? Do you understand social media? You state that you want to have online business, but in what area? You want to make money in an area that fits your talents.

How can I increase exposure on social media, specifically, Facebook, YouTube and a Go Fund Me fundraiser to promote my video? -Vimary from Arecibo, Puerto Rico


In order to increase your presence in social media you have to have a plan. First you have to establish a reason why people will follow. Your video showcases your will to win, but I need to hear your passion. That is how you will increase your presence. You are a survivor and people want hear your story. Your story is not being properly shared in this short video. You can add a voice recording onto this short video and it will become inspiring. Tell people why you won’t let your physical setbacks stop you from being successful.

I have established a following using Twitter based marketing. A number of people in the entertainment industry are taking interest, but how do I move from interest to meeting/discussion? -Tonia


Do you have any business success stories? You just need one and the rest will follow. Offer a very reduced rate and then you can start building your resume. Nobody needs to know what the other is being charged.

Question: Is it wiser to do a single owner LLC as an author? -Ro from Valdosta, GA


If you are taking your career seriously, it is always important to establish a business. It allows you to separate business revenue from personal revenue. But if you do an LLC, then you are going to have to get a Federal Identification Number and open a business bank account and register your LLC with the state. Now when you do all of these all of them are going to want a fee or change you a tax.

Thank you for being an example of what can be achieved.
-Khadija from Fort Carson, CO


Thank you for the note. But when you look at my resume or bio the journey is not complete, because I love challenging myself. The problem with most people is that they don’t want to deal with challenge and fear the unknown.