I am pursuing an acting career but I live way outside the Hollywood radar (Kansas City), I am also a single parent and am trying to make my job finance my dreams. I’m not sure how to work my job and maintain my household as well as travel to audition. I’m sure I will also need an agent at some point. Not sure where to start. – Mandy


Do you have a positive support system, because you need to be able to live in LA.

I wrote a powerful screenplay. After I sent this video to Ms. Viola Davis I received a call from Ms. Davis people who are going to read the script. Can you recommend an agent or manager to represent me for my screenplay? – Issac


When they call you back please contact me. It could be six months before they get back to you, so don’t sit by the phone waiting for it to ring. That process will frustrate you. They have contacted you, when you get the next call. You can contact me about representation. I look forward to your success.

I truly want to start a home for the Homeless Veteran. In memory of my father. Which way should I go? The state of (Ga) only gives you $800-900 a month. Not sure who to ask with the Va? I am looking at 3 bedroom homes and I will manage the day to day expenses. – Arlyn


You should look at buying a foreclosure. My first home was a foreclosure and it was a three bed room home.

How do you or should you approach individuals or organizations on underwriting events for a cause? – Tonya


You have to create a press kit that convinces the organization that you are approaching for financial support that supporting you would be an asset. When Steve Harvey asked me to get sponsors for his mentoring camps. I had to learn that,just because it is a good cause does not mean they will support his dream. So I pitched that these young men and mothers could become future loyal customers and create a better tax paying base their city. If we can get these young men focused, they would become better citizens and make this country a better place to live.

I am interested in doing a show centered around cooking and know the market is a bit saturated. My niche is more so teaching women the very basics and being sexy about it(not trashy). Should I create some videos? And how do I move forward from that point? – Angela


You need to create a sizzle reel for what you are trying to do. And it has to feel like this is not just one time special show.

I have recently applied to become a vendor for the Board of Education. I want to sell my books to schools as well as offer workshops to grades K through 5. Do you have any advice on working with the Board of Education? – Heddrick


Selling to school districts may seem like the pinata game. You swing wildly hoping to make a hit and get access to the candy inside. But for newcomers and veterans alike, trying to engage with district decision makers oft feels like we are blindfolded. How can you open your eyes and find the way to win the game? Is it possible to reliably and consistently get the reward you deserve for your wonderful product and your good efforts? Please try this website: www.sellingtoschools.com

I hear people give advice and motivation all the time about following your dreams. How can you start over if you have been down for so long. I have a Masters in business / Healthcare but can’t find anything to do with it. It is easy to say follow your dreams but how when you never get any positive response. I am just praying and waiting on God. I feel like I need to put some action into place. What would you suggest? – Wanda


Is that your dream? I have a degree in Mathematics and minor in Sociology, but I am managing the career of Steve Harvey and producing radio and TV shows. So I ask you again Healthcare may not be your dream!