Here are some of the best questions from my Money Making Conversations chat on Facebook this week. Every Monday from 12 – 1 PM ET I answer your questions about business for free! I hope you will join me next week.

Where do you find those VIP investors to help you with start up capital? –Ayana


If your product is technology related then you should go to Silicon Valley. However, it is extremely hard to find VIP investors so I would recommend using crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter!

What is the best piece of advice that anyone gave you?-  Shenella


Set realistic goals and as you are about to reach your goals, set new ones to accomplish so you can maintain forward motion!

What is your advise on starting a fashions businesss for full size women clothing? What is your advise for marketing this business on the internet? And what is your advise on partners for this business? – Susan


Lane Bryant has created a very successful line of clothing for full sized women. However, I think you should try and create a clothing line for ALL women! Full size women have small size friends. Why limit your market?

Where’s a good place for examples or help writing a business plan? –Shalanda


The S. Small Business Administration is a great resource for small businesses across the country and they have helped me in the past. This page has links to articles detailing how to accurately write each part of a business plan.

Good Afternoon Mr. Rushion McDonaldwanted to know what are the best ways to promote events for causes ?

Most causes have national organizations that are tied to them, i.e. Susan G. Komenand breast cancer. I would begin promoting the event to the national organization. Then target online blogs dedicated to the cause who will help you promote your event. Lastly, I would promote the event on social media.

What is the best way for new businesses to get exposure and sales without a budget for marketing? My business is Business SALUTEtions, a consulting business that offers marketing, promotion, PR, social media, branding, insurance benefits, etc and we specialize in Start-Up businesses. When I come into contact with clients that do not have a budget for some of the services, it is difficult to get them to understand that they have to get out of their comfort zones to expose their business. –  Nikki


I would recommend focusing on other types of businesses. Start up businesses might not have the capital to pay your company! If you do want to stay in this particular segment, then you might be able to work out payment by retaining a piece of their businesses.

As an aspiring broadcaster, in terms of professionally marketing myself, what’s the most important thing that I should do in order to be considered as an “asset” to a show by executive producers? – Doni


The key to success for an aspiring broadcaster is having a great sizzle reel. The most important thing that you can do for your career is to be versatile and the versatility should be visible in your sizzle reel. You will start off at lower levels, so you should be able to produce and write your own segments. If you can also edit this is a super bonus to your producers!

Who was or is your mentor(s)? How did they inspire you to start your businesses? – Janet


My mentors were my school teachers because they would not let the dream die inside of me. My math teacher Ms. Nelson and my biology teacher Ms. Taylor had a great impact on me.

I want to be a freelance writer and script writer. How can I get my articles for publication in major magazines? – Kwabena 


Any aspiring writer should have their own blog so you can start publishing your own thoughts and opinions. You can promote your blog via your social media. You can use social media for business purposes, not just personal, so take advantage!

To become a script writer I would contact the Writers Guild of Americaand obtain a copy of a spec script. Once you learn what the format of spec scripts are like you can begin writing your own and begin distributing it!

How can I get my musical artist played on national radio? They are not currently on the radio in any markets. The NYC market is hard to capture. –Rahim


Success does not come over night. I would start off getting your records played in smaller markets such as Augusta, GA or Tallahassee, FL. Once the records start getting spins in these markets you will be able to show your success and move to the larger markets!