Morning sir. What is the best approach to use to put a team together when there is no immediate monetary compensation. – Andrea


The purpose is what drives anyone to participate. Not money! Money only comes up when you start discussing the amount of time. So before you pitch any you need to know how long this idea is going to be. This will keep your Team motivated to participate without getting paid.

My play, The Other Brother: The Black Fraternal Experience in America as Seen Through Blue Eyes debuts in June (23-25) at the Hollywood Fringe festival. I’d like your suggestions for marketing a college campus “tour” beginning in the fall. Also, do you have any suggestions regarding sponsorship? Thank you!  – Alex from CA 


Will it be a HBCU tour or a general college tour? You are communicating with Millennials, what is your marketing approach? Now hearing from you Alex and what state or country are you in now? This also sounds like a documentary?

Hi Rushion. I wanted to let you know that I have sent an email to Tracee and will be following up with her again today. I am also excited to share my TEDx TALK have been made available as well.  – Yolanda


Thank you for updating me. How is everything coming along. Are you promoting your brand! You got Ted Talk! What’s next?